Zagaza: that is not the.

Montoure: Sounds like a fun custom app creation

Sifuentes: I figured there must be something out there like a web based app that i can use and share with a coworker

Ritell: Ok i use onenote right now

Rooth: Or a WP site with a custom post type to track it all

Fruman: So right now for each customer i keep track of everything – sometimes it is just for simple things like the admin / p***word i created for their site i always use a different backend admin one

Yrigollen: Sometimes they want me to manage their office 365 + domain registration + wordpress + whatever else

Forcier: Hehe maybe individual onenote pages are fine for this

Nordeen: Jaelae: there’s an app called “wordpress” you can make a cpt and store data in that ;

Nordeen: You can also use something like iwp, managewp or others to keep track of updates, etc

Nordeen: Oh i see sterndata also mentioned the same ;

Galbreth: Is sitelock necessary?

Smitz: I’m about 500 words into a “SELinux WordPress” howto, and realised.the more detailed my explanation, the more likely a reader is going to TL;DR and just disable selinux

Smitz: People want code snippets to copy and paste.then blissfully imagine that what they did was correct. Ultimately this fixes nothing

Nordeen: Dcr: nice conclusion, welcome to the club ;

Nordeen: Not the baby seal club.

Nordeen: Furoido: you’ll have to ask your registrar

Smitz: On the other hand, there will be an amount of readers who absolutely want to understand it.and the detailed explanation is valid for them

Nordeen: Sure, that group is thin and almost imperceptible ;

Nordeen: People do not want to understand what they’ve done, they want to do and walk away. mcdonalds style.

Rey: WordPress with cheese, please. And supersize the fries.

Alwin: Or they ask a question and go away, like furoido

Nordeen: Anyone who sits in here or any help chan long term, sees the overwhelming lack of clue, the combative and illogical nature of most people to facts and a linear approach to problem solving

Nordeen: Most people are scatter brained, unfocused, undisciplined and generally lazy. this is not an opinion or meant to harm anyone, just point out the facts that are clear as day ;

Dulle: Anybody want to shoot at a design?

Dulle: It’s not responsive yet, that will come later

Nordeen: If there’s no stroopwafels, i don’t want to look!

Kenney: Not bad. but I’d use open sans rather than arial

Nordeen: Not bad but the menus are too abrupt for me

Dulle: Okay, I will look into that. Arial is a bit bland, true

Nordeen: I like a nice gentle fade in/out

Dulle: Ah, okay a nice transition :

Nordeen: Other than that, the blue/brown combo is a well known success

Dulle: It is not that brown, just a bit yellowish. Okay, thanks

Nordeen: It says “government subsite” or “business” to me.

Nordeen: Looks like a beige here.

Cahal: Hi guys, what’s the workflow directions when doing multisite in two languages? do you notmally create one site, full design and everything, and then make a multisite out of it for the other language?

Nordeen: Use a translator plugin, you’ll hand translate each page/post

Dulle: Hmm, business. It’s a chess club. Not sure if that is right

Bucholz: Opsec, translator plugin? like wpml?

Nordeen: I’m sure it will work for chess ;

Nordeen: Zagaza: yep, that’s the main one. there are several others as well

Dweck: Opsec, why not multisite? what are the cons?

Nordeen: Mpol: check mate, mate.

Nordeen: Zagaza: that is not the purpose of multisite, multisite is “multiple sites”