Any software for this.

Dronet: wordpress.html">Http://

Adaway: Https://

Brus: This is the highest rated one it seems

Durke: Ratings aren’t as important as 1 last update date and 2 the author’s engagement on the support tab, IMO

Wittenborn: Well that one seems good

Perreault: 3 weeks old but still good ratings

Hagon: Yup. just saying that ratings aren’t everything. ON something that moves as fast as facebook, a good release history is important

Dramis: Yah plugin author is on the page too

Lawhon: Seen comments from 2 weeks or less

Layfield: Ive used plugins that are good that havent been updated in 2 years, and hardly any ratings

Layfield: Ifit works it works ;

Springe: Anyone know of any good “captcha” plugins that will add captcha to the registration form and comments form but only when the user is not signed in?

Reavis: Jfive: use zero spam instead

Yeropoli: Jfive: WordPress Zero Spam –

Springe: Oh yes this was mentioned in here yesterday and i meant to check it out

Dodgion: Probably mentioned by me

Springe: Sterndata: yes i think so haha

Springe: Any idea how it works?

Springe: Does it put hidden inputs on the forms that bots fill out?

Mielcarz: It links to here: wordpress.html">

Degroff: Is there a fancy way to detect duplicate meta values for a given meta key across a specific post_type?

Scheeler: That is what I used sterndata

Ritch: But the darn stuff just does not work in IE

Shabazz: BOGO: what is what you used?

Harton: It just shows a black bar

Vilcheck: On the page I linked to here,

Moesch: I used the first FB plugin on the site you sent me too

Keasey: It shows fine in chrome

Mccandrew: Just a black bar IE the border

Haste: OK. you understand I am not responsible for these plugins? So you need to figure out if iit’s something you’re doing.

Kalinski: Disable ALL plugins other than the one in question and change to the twentyfifteen theme. Does the plugin work?

Tarallo: If so, turn things back on one at a time until you find the conflict.

Merriam: I dont have that theme on here

Ater: Any of the official WP twentyxxxx themes will do

Kiefel: Only have the one I am using

Mishar: GEEZ, upload the frakking theme.

Fromberg: Upload twentyfifteen and do the “first” test to test for confllicts

Streitenberge: Bogo: Please attempt to disable all plugins, and use one of the default Twenty* themes. If the problem goes away, enable them one by one to identify the source of your troubles.

Crosland: You should always leave one of the default themes in case soemthing bad happens to your theme

Menousek: Yah I know but I didnt

Bolado: Sorry, that was too fast. I don’t believe you tried it.

Robnett: Anyone know, performance-wise, what it the best choice of a WordPress membership plugin?

Mckennon: No i tried it before you talked

Fashaw: You used the twentyfifteen theme? Really?

Loe: Anyhow, I’ve got other stuff to do today. some unpleasant CiviCRM stuff I’ve been putting off so I guess I should get started on that.

Borromeo: Any recommendations on what someone can do from the perspective of being an admin on multiple sites and wanted to easily keep track of all customer wordpress sites + their domain registration and everything else?

Michalec: Any software for this outside of notepad :