I don’t use Chrome so it’s.

Nordeen: You will have one site, with 2 or more translations

Bonds: Is there a free plugin for it?

Nordeen: If you want to keep the same look/feel without having to duplicate it twice. so a single site install with a translation plugin of some sort

Nordeen: There are free ones yes

Nordeen: That’s part of “dev”, trying things so you can see for yourself what “good” is, then come here and argue with us about “good” like everyone else ;

Nordeen: When it comes to chocolate salty grahams, sterndata and i both know “good”

Nordeen: Too bad so many had to die to find out. :

Pashel: Opsec: still not back on the shelves. How long does it take to print new labels?

Nordeen: Sterndata: i’m sure it’s something *other* than any public statement

Nordeen: I say that because i got 2 different explanations, and you got yet *another*

Nordeen: Clearly they’re not coordinated in the big lie ;

Grabarczyk: So meantime, I’ve been getting the shortbread cookies with the chocolate drop. Perhaps this is a plot by Big Shortbread.

Nordeen: Probably leveled a Tj’s in bumfuq somewhere, killing everyone in a 5 mile radius. they had to shut ‘er down

Pickelsimer: I have taken to twitter to start a campaign. That’ll do it!

Rhinebolt: Https://twitter.com/sds52/status/645287652384751616

Nordeen: Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIOQrJRoOp8

Morrisseau: Any of you guys know of a animated favicon generator for iphone, apple retina etc etc etc?

Nickle: Already have it as 16×16 animated favicon but the theme asks for the iphone sizes etc i might just ignore it

Marcinkiewicz: Potentially dumb question, but I’d rather ask first given this is a business WP site I just got tied in with. Flush cache within the dashboard along the top, that’s not specific to my browser, is it? Or is that something specific to WP itself?

Mcdearmon: I made a change and it shows fine on my desktop under Firefox, yet Chrome does not show it, nor does Firefox OR Chrome on any other system. Clearly a caching issue, but I wasn’t sure if that flush cache in WP was different or tied to the browser.

Hood: Falconi: like I said, probably a dumb question. ;

Seefeld: Would that just end up forcing a full re-draw on any client system connecting to it to view the page?

Heers: There’s no dumb questions :

Leuenthal: There were some big theming headaches when our hoster auto bumped to WP 4.3, so I proceed with caution on nearly everything now despite the fact I didn’t even initiate that bump to cause the prior issue.

Orsak: The flush cache icon appears in firefox and not in the rest of the browsers?

Riding: Falconi: no it shows in all browsers, it’s just the new change I submitted to the main site only shows in FF on my desktop.

Antonacci: But any other system, FF or chrome, doesn’t show it.

Mittler: So I know it’s a caching issue but I wanted to verify what I was about to click on.

Crayford: I always do hard refresh

Ruttan: That’s normal refresh

Steinkamp: CTRL R didn’t change anything on my desktop. FF shows the change, Chrome does not.

Rugh: Same with my laptop here that has never been to the site before.

Giel: I hate to do changes and not see them, drives me nuts

Josefy: Most cache plugins will not show a cached version to logged in users, but will to regular users from the hard cache of the site, if substantial changes are made, use the clear cache bnutton added by the cache plugin, and then make sure the client can see it

Nelder: On chrome there’s a “clear all cache” plugin

Josefy: If they still can’t, that’s when you ask them to do a hard refresh ctrl+F5 is the same, depends on your system, your browser etc

Terrell: I nuked all my cache on Chrome to beginning of time.

Luksa: I don’t use Chrome so it’s my beat around browser.