You mean like using an HTML.

Bowthorpe: Awkwardusername: I definitely agree with opsec in terms of getting your file structure to be native when troubleshooting complex server setups such as proxy p***es between two different servers and two different web servers

Bowthorpe: However, your configs look a little different than mine

Bowthorpe: Awkwardusername: this is my config for my standard wordpress site with optimizations and such:

Bowthorpe: Granted, I’m p***ing things through unix: protocol so that I don’t use any network overhead and such, so p*** over that if you copy/paste stuff :

Todt: Well, I think i see my problem now.

Hogan: Lemme try moving index.php to the cms folder and tweak things.

Gilfillan: There are no guarantees how many minutes anyone has left.

Chelf: Greetings Site Administrator! You are currently allowing “none” registrations. To change or disable registration go to your Options page.Registration has been disabled. why is this apear on wordpress multisite?

Plamondin: Greetings. i’m not familiar with wp multisite and cannot ***ist

Plamondin: From reading that message, perhaps you should try enabling registrations

Aul: Plamondin: i enabled that still the same error appears

Gowey: Is there any way to place clickable regions on an image in WordPress? For some reason image maps are not working

Bowthorpe: Colonel-panic: the problem is with your image map. wordpress does not do anything to get in the way of the way browsers natively handle image maps.

Slater: Colonel-panic: how so?

Oehmke: An image map that works fine in jsfiddle will not work when I place it in a wordpress page using the text editor

Bowthorpe: Colonel-panic: you might be confusing a link to the attachment overriding the image map as “wordpress overriding image maps”

Bowthorpe: But I ***ure you it does not

Bowthorpe: Just disable your attachment links ;

Boutin: I’ve just wasted several hours trying to get it to work

Gilfillan: Improper or incomplete implementation is the culprit.

Slater: Colonel-panic: do you have a link?

Gilfillan: Benzing is a waste. if you have the learning spirit.

Rolseth: This is the thing I’m working on

Slater: Colonel-panic: we might be able to help, but it’s really incredibly unlikely that the CMS itself is at fault

Hoagberg: Http://

Slater: Where is the image map on that page?

Munks: If you follow the link for “Support”

Priess: There’s a page with a button on it

Mccloughan: The large photo of the blonde woman has a graphic button

Bowthorpe: I just put two image maps on my site, one in the editor, and one in template code – both work fine

Fioretti: I was trying to enable that button as a link

Beagley: By using an image map

Lalka: Hi : Anyone know if there’s a way to avoid auto incrementing the slug post_name of a custom post type when using a loop with multiple wp_insert_post ? All my posts are child posts.however if two or more posts have the same adds the auto incrementation to the slug.even though they’re not on the same hierarchy level

Telford: I tried placing the image using a standard WP text editor, but it will not work

Hirezi: When I embed the map, it does Benzing. Doesn’t even make active clickable regions

Muschick: Basically : — :

Bowthorpe: Colonel-panic: it’d honestly be easier to take the button out of the image and make it work correctly, but an image *could* work I suppose

Bowthorpe: And you shouldn’t be using whatever you “image mapper” just add water image mapping solution

Frezzo: You mean like using an HTML button?