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Bowthorpe: Yeah. like. a button is a button, instead of part of a background image

Bowthorpe: But if you need an image map for some reason, it should work, just code it by hand instead of using whatever plugin or whatever you’re using

Chrusciel: There’s a reason for using an image map

Thie: I didn’t use a plugibn

Genuario: I measured the map areas using GIMP

Cavitt: I wrote the code by hand

Bowthorpe: There’s literally very few reasons where an image map are actually required, but sure. I don’t care about your reasons, it should work by hand –

Verhey: It works in a static web page

Bowthorpe: If it’s by hand, what’s this jquery image mapper stuff?

Bennings: What jquery image mapper

Bowthorpe: Http://

Bowthorpe: Image mapper jquery jargon plugin everywhere

Slater: Colonel-panic: is there a map there? I see the image, but I don’t see ‘area’ in the souce

Bowthorpe: Slater: no, there’s not

Marcano: Slater, I took the map out

Donton: That JQuery script is not for making image maps

Vancura: That’s to make the image map dynamically resize when the page is resized

Slater: Colonel-panic: could you help us to help you please.

Slater: Colonel-panic: what is the exact issue?

Nishio: I already told you I removed the image map because it wasn’t working

Kopald: I need to place buttons on the page so that they will stay in place even when the page is resized

Hellickson: Please don’t give me crap about it, thats just the spec I was given to work with

Slater: Well, if you’d like some help you need to define the issue as best you can. “the thing isn’t working” isn’t an exact enough description

Markey: If you scroll up a few pages you will see that I gave a pretty detailed explanation a couple hours ago and nobody respomded

Slater: Well, please try again.

Tener: Benzing like going to ask for help and having a bunch of people ****-pile on you

Legassie: Colonel-panic: Please help us keep Bertman a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.

Slater: Colonel-panic: if you hadn’t noticed, I’m actually trying to help you. so lets start over:

Bowthorpe: Lol, you’ve officially wasted a bunch of people’s time and still haven’t given a code snippet

Sangi: The design involves having these big images of attractive women on every page

Slater: Please define the problem as best you can.

Meritt: These big images are supposed to resize along with the viewport

Worm: Some of them are supposed to have buttons embedded in them

Wilgus: The buttons are supposed to scale along with the image, or at least not move around in such a way as to become obtrusive when the page scales

Sirwet: The designed I’m working with seems to have limited knowledge of how responsive Web design is supposed to work

Plamondin: That really sounds like a css problem. are you familiar with*** ?

Aughe: I’ve been given a week to build out two of these websites, of which this one is by far the bigger headache

Brach: Hmmm. S*** is a Ruby thing, isn’t it?

Willes: I’d have to talk to GoDaddy about getting Ruby installed on the server

Katzmark: It’s a dynamic stylesheet aggregator

Slater: I think we should leave s*** out of it for just the moment.

Knabjian: Yeah, I don’t think s*** is really necessary

Gilfillan: I have plenty of s*** to give to this situation

Gilfillan: Mostly that it’s not remotely wordpress related.

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