Opsec, well of course.

Vowell: OK, So I’m working on this site that has some large graphic on each page, with some text content below. It’s a responsive website, designed so that the large photos are scalable when the viewport is resized. The trouble comes in because some of them are meant to contain buttons with links to deeper content areas. How can I implement these buttons in such a way that the images can still scale without the buttons flying all o

Dokuchitz: Ver the place when the browser window is resized?

Sub: I’ve tried using image maps but that’s not working for some reason.

Carney: So, I have some downloadable content. Does WP have a built in method with the appropriate response headers?

Haines: When I try to place button widgets, they don’t scale with the rest of the site and tend to move around the page obscuring content as the reat of the site scales beneath them.

Plewinski: If I could use image maps, I could employ some math and javascript to make the map areas scale along with the image.

Olesen: But WP doesn’t seem to tolerate image maps for some reason.

Zia: Any shortcut for preformated tag?

Tschumperlin: Not sure why the logo isn’t loading when I can go to the URL of it and it loads just fine? http://www.bestelectriciantoronto.ca/blog.html http://www.bestelectriciantoronto.ca/img/logo-new.png

Muscatello: Hwamokp66: Please use the built-in Developer Tools of your browser to fix problems with your website. Right click your page and pick “Inspect Element” Cr, FF, Op or press F12-button IE to track down CSS problems. Use the console to see JavaScript bugs.

Bargen: Opsec: no JS error in console. the html i uploaded isnt even overwriting the old file. Ive cleared my cache and used private browsing. Most of all the pages show the updates except this one and some pages don’t load some of the images when they are all in the same folder and can be access via url

Gilfillan: It’s not even a wordpress site

Wackman: Opsec: the pages load fine on my computer. it’s so weird that just 1,2 pages aren’t updating or loading images properly. any ideas why?

Gilfillan: It’s not even a wordpress site

Gilfillan: Ask in #html or #html5

Hasbrouck: Hwamokp66: your images are pointing to a different URL than http://www.bestelectriciantoronto.ca/img/logo-new.png – point them there instead of logo-dark.png for example – it’s also NOT wordpress, and therefore we won’t provide more support than that

Gilfillan: I have a problem with my sitez on the innernette, i know Bertman can halps meeeee!

Burdo: Jphase_: Google result for youtube the innernette – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xkr5ztKiXMM

Dues: Lmao, I literally can’t even

Gilfillan: Bowthorpe: did you ****-ded yourself?

Bowthorpe: Opsec: when he laxidazically crammed that little disc into the CDROM drive that didn’t even have the small CD inset slot a little snot accidentally came out of my nose

Carbonneau: Hey guys, do you do wordpress on nginx? i need help.

Williford: I have a problem wherein i cannot access wp-login.php in my site. wordpress is installed at another server, then served up by reverse proxy from a path. eg, sample.com/blog. setup for the server is nginx, and it is important to note that they moved up the index.php one directory up and structure looks something like this http://i.imgur.com/TQOpMYU.jpg 5KB

Strachan: It seems that wp-*.php files inside the cms folder isn’t being processed, eg. 404

Gilfillan: Moving the index.php doesn’t make any sense

Gilfillan: That needs to be fixed first.

Vieux: Although, it works on apache.

Gilfillan: I can’t really take that as a “proof” of anything

Gatliff: For the record, the index.php contents are this https://paste.ee/p/xlsLr

Gilfillan: As there’s untold configuration factors in the background going on

Gilfillan: I don’t really support editing core or convoluted setups ;

Pedroza: Awkwardusername: Google result for rube goldberg – https://www.rubegoldberg.com/

Babione: Opsec, well of course.