You know when you have to.

Woolem: Driving me mad trying to find these links

Munning: Start searching for the surrounding HTML then

Woolem: LOL …. I have there is no in the code

Woolem: It’s bloody bizzare

Woolem: They must be created by wp but I cannot find those to block anywhere

Bunkley: Hello guys. i have a problem that some people have issues with loading images on my site

Bazzle: The last know person who had the problem was using Safari browser

Woolem: Garuti: They are linked to this /wp-content/themes/Bistro/inc/widgets/carousel.php: echo ‘lidiv cl***=”crslinside”‘ . $cimg;

Tasso: Woolem: I’m unfamiliar with that theme, but it’s definitely a premium one so you may want to contact the theme author regarding it

Hughart: Notaduck: You are trying to load some images/content over https

Pimpare: Oooh. i actually have that problems with a few sites aswell. if you go to contact me and back to a post then the problem accour. Do you know how to fix this ? I am using HTTPS for admin and login until i get a trusted CA

Deeb: Notaduck: Well the problem is that you don’t have a valid SSL cert on your site, once that’s fixed it should be good, but until then you shouldn’t be using SSL =

Crosswell: Are there people having issues with their sidebars in wp-admin?

Effinger: Crosswell: Yes, one sec

Crosswell: Garuti yeah I know the solution :

Brazle: Then I’m puzzled by the question

Keeble: But that shouldn’t be the problem. if you are connecting to HTTPS then you can’t even see a post. you will get a “POST NOT FOUND” message

Buckmaster: Is that really a CA issue?

Crosswell: Chrome://flags/#disable-slimming-paint

Crosswell: Should fix it Clorith

Crosswell: I was just sharing it because people might use it

Borgstede: Anyone help me with Yoast please

Bretado: Notaduck: Seems like HTTPS isn’t configured for that website on the server level

Whitsey: So you’ll need to do that as well =

Franzoni: Also it’s currently using a SSL certificate that expired in 2010 ;

Karagiannes: Crosswell: That’s not all you need to do though, there’s two checkboxes

Kukielka: I’m getting s 404

Sarchet: Lol 😀 btw. have you seen Lets Encrypt?

Crosswell: Clorith

Crosswell: Garuti

Ansley: Is there a chance it’s the template doing it?

Klingner: I’ve got the sitemap enabled in yoast

Tindel: Ruffer: Nope, yoast just hasn’t generated the sitemap yet

Nay: Can i give it a nudge and kick start it?

Sandblom: You could publish a post, that’ll do it I believe 😛

Mcdonell: I’ve done a few since installing Yoast

Larbie: And since enabling the sitemap ?

Dockham: Themn I don’t know and you might want ot poke the ypast support forums

Ascol: Like a week or something

Borsos: Yeah, definitely hit up the yoast support forum at that point =

Kneeland: Does anyone know of a plugin that lets you update your database based on a sql file

Gruz: Hi Guys, anyone of you have experience in WPML and PageBuilder by SiteOrigin

Wigham: I’ve got a download confirmation page, that I only want people to be able to get to after filling out a form, is there a way of sopping them just going to /download-confirmation/

Alvia: Ruffer:

Beasley: Actually is there a good plugin that some can recommend for downloads, I basially want a contact form then it takes them to the download

Jackowski: You know when you have to fill out a form before being allowed to download something, am I being stupid or is that not a standard plugin ?