You can then use :focus to.

Bently: But only been learning for 3 days. Still a lot to learn

Ganser: Everage, Thanks for the tips! I’ll start a new page tomorrow and see if I can slim it down to the minimalist approch as much as possible.

Mishoe: When I want to have a background that starts in one color, then goes white, back to the color and back to white in a horizontal fashion, is there some nice way to doing so?

Mishoe: Another question, I was handled a template where “!important” is used all the time, is that a good way of doing?

Emison: Iaj, not its not a good way

Mishoe: Thought so = ok I’ll try to get rid of those and use more efficient selectors

Mishoe: I once heard of a plugin/javascript snippet that enables one to click on several items on a page and a selector is generated, anyone know which one I mean?

Garramone: I got this page: – you can select the quantity by clicking on the + / – icon

Danko: Well, on the right of the + icon theres a white order on the right

Apthorpe: How do i get that away?.

Layher: What’s the best font for tiny letters?

Axman: Im actually lost cause it generates so weird width values automatically lol ._.

Emison: Xatenev, from css .quantity_counter remove width

Matras: Best generally available font for tiny letters ?

Emison: Xatenev, that counter box has static width setwidth: 105px; just remove that line

Sawatzki: But as you can see threes still a small whit eorder

Emison: Xatenev, does the page have caching? I still see the same css

Bodiroga: Emison: well of course I didnt push ti live yet

Elisondo: But you can see the result if u just remove the width via firebug

Emison: Xatenev, well I don’t see the 1px right white border

Emison: Xatenev, I see white border on the bottom though

Schoening: I see 1px bottom and 1px right

Pauker: But i can rmeove the 1px bottom with height: 60px

Emison: Xatenev, oh you are on firefox?

Borozny: In firefox it looks great

Emison: Xatenev, oh yes i see both borders, its just the developer tools shrunk the width of the page and there was no white border on right

Maggini: How can i get that **** away

Topness: Its obv some chrome problem

Chamberland: Cause it behaves correctly in ff

Tinkham: I need to create a menu that only shows on focus. So when a keyboard user blind person uses the site, the first thing they come to when they press “Tab” is the hidden menu. The menu then links to content , search and the real menu.

Menchen: I’ve been able to do this with one and one li, but not with the whole ol or ul .

Chhabra: Basiccly the css hides the items left: -1000em and on focus it should show them on top of the site.

Emison: Xatenev, ive noticed that if you remove from *{margin: 0} it fixes the border, but of course it messes up everything else, but maybe it has something to do with margin

Everage: Helly: stick a tabindex=”1″ on it

Everage: Helly: #a11y can help further

Luette: To get it to be the first element ?

Everage: Helly: to make it the first thing in the tab ordering

Mcdonagh: Well the element has 0 margin

Maruca: Yeah, but that is not the problem. The problem is getting the list of links to focus and show on the site.

Everage: Helly: to get it to focus, tabindex will make an element ‘focusable’

Kocab: Thanks for the #a11y tip. I’ll check it out.

Emison: Xatenev, try to toggle in firebug the margin for *{} it does take it away, but its not the fix just might be a clue

Everage: You can then use :focus to change the visual style i.e. make it visible on :focus