There is a bytea in mysql.

Aholt: Wrksx: They can be workarounded with foreign keys, but that’s another story

Kilkus: Salle, I’m lucky IFs are supported =

Tio: Curmet, do you know how multicolumn composite indexes work? you will need them

Carel: ERROR 29 HY000: File ‘./mysql-relay-bin.~rec~’ not found Errcode: 13

Dillen: Why is it looking for ~rec~ instead of a number? Having trouble googling because of the tildes.

Dishong: Never mind. I’m a moron.

Nimmo: Salle : I might go for AND for that query instead of OR , thank you for correcting it

Capurro: Tio : I will research about ‘multicolumn’ indexes as you suggested , thanks for your pointer

Aholt: Curmet: Don’t forget rewriting the subquery. Dependent subqueries can be awfully slow

Harm: Salle : yes , I always test the subquery first before executing the whole

Sizemore: Salle : do you mean ‘join’ is better than subquery?

Aholt: Curmet: Most of the time yes especially if you can avoid dependent subquery. Dependent subquery is executed once for each row of the outer table

Lamoureux: Salle : I don’t get it yet , I will google subquery versus join performance haha

Aholt: Curmet: Don’t google : Note that this performance difference depends a lot on what RDBMS you use and even depends a lot on what MySQL version you use. Recent versions are better with subqueries, but dependent subqueries are still better to avoid

Gabby: Salle : I think I have recent version of xampp , but it has only version 5.0 of mysql

Aholt: Curmet: Subqueries definitely **** in 5.0. All of them not only dependent ones

Aholt: Curmet: 5.0 is far from recent now when latest GA is 5.6

Mermelstein: I’m wondering whether when using replication/binlog, binlog_checksum is worth enabling or not

Mermelstein: In general, I’m willing to take a performance hit in the name of non-corrupt data, but given if it *is* corrupt, it’s not like you can recover from it anyway, it seems like it’s not worth it generally? Are there some thoughts anyone else would care to share? Looking for general discussion, rather than “ENABLE IT” or something

Balderrama: Salle : yes it’s version 5.7 now haha , I might update the db first before doing some db tuning :

Nickolich: Hi I’m tryng with this code in MySQL to create a procedure to create a dynamic trigger, but it doesn’t work, I obtain this error:

Piske: ERROR 1303 : can’t create a trigger from within another stored routine.

Jax: Is there someone that can help me, please?

Cavaleri: Mathys: you can’t just put a variable like that

Kercheval: Can I change a tinyint4 column to tinyint2 unsigned if I know that all values in the column are between 0 and 255?

Vicueroa: Naktibalda: can you help me to fix that code and understand why I can’t use that variable in that way?

Hasegawa: Argh, nevermind, just figured out that the number in is the display width, not the storage.

Mccluney: Mathys: variables are intended to provide data values. They cannot be used directly in an SQL statement as an identifier or as part of an identifier, such as in contexts where a table or database name is expected

Tio: Curmet, afaik 5.7 is not yet GA, just a note

Brisk: And how can use in a SQL statements? is there a way to do that?

Hartlein: Mathys: as I told you yesterday, there is a workaround with prepared statements, but it doesn’t work for CREATE TRIGGER

Stoneberg: Yes I know I tested it :

Skillom: So I am saying that your task is impossible in pure SQL

Simunek: Yes, you can use bash or any other programming language

Tench: Different question: when exporting a bytea field to a file, it is exported as a binary value, which is great for my use case. Can I make MySQL store the value of a tinyint column as a binary value, too, instead of ascii text? that way each number would only use one byte, and not 3

Boughman: There is a bytea in mysql?