You can try photon like.

Hight: Mewborn: is the location of the event in GMT? or is that an oversight on the original web creator’s problem?

Tschoepe: I tried it and it shows 24th ion mine too

Tschoepe: Its the -0600 thing i guess

Yarrell: Poiz: welcome to the party. a few min late.

Shreeves: Mewborn:

Cremers: OK I am confused with this article some,

Melkonian: I now have a seperate domain to use for all my images

Tschoepe: Mewborn you basically have to put the widget on a server in the same time zone or find an rss plugin or something other than wp that doesnt change timezone dynamically

Tschoepe: Guimares not that late

Pone: Poiz: you dont have to do all that lol. YOu can just tell the widget reading the date to account for the timezone

Tschoepe: Yeah but i didnt see that in the wordpress one so

Bresse: Hey guys. So, how can I install a new template file with a custom plugin?

Mewborn: Ok, I’ll try updating the widget, but I’m still not sure why the date got bumped forward a whole day? Since the feed is using central time, GMT, and my wordpress blog under Settings is set on Central Time, UTC -500 or Chicago

Tschoepe: Guimares the wp rss widget i meant it didnt look to have any customization

Sachez: Checkit: wordpress+template+file+from+plugin">

Tschoepe: Mewborn the date was 23 sep 18.30 -0600 which is 24 september 12:30 am 0000

Tschoepe: Mewborn so it looks like it pushed the date to the server date

Meskill: Poiz: no it doesnt. he will have to work on it

Mccuistion: Sachez I am wondering if you can help me out with the

Clowerd: I am a bit confused on what domain is what

Sachez: BOGO: if you have questions about that, post a comment there.

Tschoepe: BOGO i scrolled back a bit and i dont see any specific questions

Tschoepe: BOGO you have your own domain for images and now its *****ed up

Mongold: No I am wanting to use this as it says, however I am confused on what domain is what in the wording

Heltsley: BOGO: its a badly written article. Maybe find a better article on this topic

Vinson: BOGO:

Iacovino: BOGO: there is no reason why you MUST use this article. Just take the concept he is talking about and do your own deeper research

Sachez: Guimares: copy/paste == research

Charles: That is ok Guimares, but it is several years old now

Kubu: BOGO: so? Do some research! Keep reading.

Harjochee: I am and have been trying to find something like this for the last few days

Sachez: BOGO: everything after the line that starts with “Boom” is irrelevant. Stop reading there.

Tschoepe: There is a plugin, w3 cache or something that does cdn auto iirc

Lebarge: OK but what domain goes where?

Schmerer: What is wrong witht he stack exchange link I posted again?

Sachez: As does jetpack’s photon

Sorotzkin: Its pretty clear and relevant

Sachez: BOGO: by the way, did you read ?

Sachez: That’s my name. don’t wear it out

Mohaupt: OK looking at the article is the domain that I want to move things to?

Adleman: OK and static is the one I dont

Sachez: And after all of this mishigas, you will have accomplished. what?

Medders: I hope better speed and page loading

Villane: Well if I get some improvement it is better than not

Tschoepe: You can try photon like stern mentioned also