Display: block; elements.

Kloeck: AllgoodAtTaoti: yes

Brissett: Bprompt, feels like it though D:

Dehaven: AllgoodAtTaoti: should be ::before, but yes

Ruckey: Ty, just needed a sanity check

Yosten: AllgoodAtTaoti: check. waiting.waiting. “fail”

Gaete: Ugh, no worries even if not

Wendzel: I’m back end and I got tossed this task, if i’m dealing with these psudeo selectors who ever gets this scss next is gonna have a rough time

Panfil: Musk: my “yellow parts”? which one are those?

Medalion: Bprompt, i meant the whole background

Kunert: Https://jsfiddle.net/t8ouymfk/

Schroeppel: Musk: so, you want to make html clickable?

Niss: If you look at the fiddle. i want .wallpaper to be a fix element behind other elements but that .wallpaper has an anchor in it which needs to be clickable.

Cazaree: Musk: got a picture of what you’re trying to do?

Klingensmith: Just look any Wallpaper Ad. its basicly the samething

Dunstan: Musk: I’d rather have the picture :

Skillings: Bprompt, here is an example of a wallpaper ad : https://m2.behance.net/rendition/pm/947120/disp/3ed93493af4a2f0e0aeb65894f3136f7.jpg

Stewert: Musk wallpaper ads are going the way of myspace

Lanclos: Bango2, i know but people still buy for those :

Reckleben: Ok so i have this stupid drupal markup ew ew ew https://gist.github.com/allgood2386/ee255dab79ae760c10cc

Haushalter: All i’m trying to figure out is how to select the first instance of each cl*** so: committeekey-1, then in another rule I would find the first instance of committeekey-3, then committeekey-10 etc. Any ideas, this really isn’t my wheelhouse and I’m struggleing to get nth-of-type and all these pseudo selectors working.

Iredale: AllgoodAtTaoti JS is your friend

Iredale: You can’t tell CSS something it doesn’t know

Flett: Lukia: ugh that’s waht I’m seeing around? so the first one shows up then not the second, is that’s what going on here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6402330/targeting-the-first-cl***-instance-on-a-page-with-css

Monsegur: Where he says the first answer is wrong?

Losinski: So it’s Find me the first element with each cl*** name that also has the showreel cl*** applied.

Pangallo: So it’s basically choosing my div that’s also matches the cl***?

Chladek: I’m trying to figure out the best way to implement this: http://i.imgur.com/7Ogqjar.png

Vanwingerden: Each of the 3 ‘sections’ is a div, and they have a container div

Eddins: Some_Person: you could do that a couple of different ways. But what would happen at narrow viewport widths?

Lehmkuhl: Eddins: What we have now is already not exactly usable at narrow widths anyway

Eddins: Could be a good opportunity to design “mobile first” then?

Jukich: In any case, that’s not my goal here

Selzler: My goal is to fix a bug where the 2 bottom panels expand more than the parent div

Huit: Because they have height set to 100% and it doesn’t take into account the doohickey at the top

Eddins: That’s because they are not 100% height

Eddins: They need to be 100% – the doohicky

Whyte: Right, but hardcoding the size of the doohickey doesn’t seem ideal

Minucci: I suppose I could throw something together so I can give you a link; I’m not able to link you to the actual page

Valen: Some_Person, Preferred live pastebins: http://jsfiddle.net/http://codepen.io/http://paste.asmcbain.net/http://www.webdevout.net/test/

Eddins: Use one of these options :

Mothershead: I have an element for which if I set “display: inline-block;” it shrinks and if I set “display: inline;” or “display: block;” it fells the parent container. Can anyone explain this behavior?

Eddins: Display: block; elements will fill the parent width. That’s what they do. Inline elements do not, however