Afmza: are you trying to.

Lons: And it doesn’t seem to work on ones that are not in the uploads directory

Faro: Does anyone know if there’s a reference someplace that has the functions ***ociated with the various Genesis Framework Hooks? Or do I need to comb though the Genesis code myself to find the relevant functions?

Tschoepe: BOGO you can actually use it for other files too but you have to code it in somehow to change js/other paths

Sachez: LtDarien: are you feeling lucky?

Tschoepe: BOGO its kind of hard to explain depends on theme i guess

Quicksey: Sachez: I’ve spent 2 hours looking

Deleppo: LtDarien: ugh. gensis.

Policar: OK poiz what do you suggest?

Aplington: Guimares: What’s wrong with genesis?

Tschoepe: Poiz you just do or some other and then the url

Kozub: LtDarien: exactly what you’re experiencing I suppose.

Tschoepe: Lemme check real quick if it rejects other formats though

Sachez: LtDarien: you’re looking for a codex like thing with examples?

Walmsley: No, Sorta. I’m just looking to find out what Genesis does on the various hooks by defalt.

Tschoepe: Aw yeah it does reject css and js :

Palinkas: LtDarien: “by default”?

Licklider: Https://***ign-photon-to-use-certain-images

Guillot: For example: Genesis by default runs the function to set up navigation on the Genesis_after_header hook. that happens in the parent theme and if you want to move it to a differnet hook, you have to remove it from the after_header hook and add it to the one you want. but there’s no place that TELLS you the genesis_do_nav function happens on that particuar hook in the first place

Cerasi: LtDarien: yea. this is why I am not a fan of gensis .

Sachez: LtDarien: and things like that are why I stopped using Thesis.

Cappucci: LtDarien: are you a “member” they supposedly have a hooks reference page for members only

Tefft: LtDarien: also this

Gutter: LtDarien: thats about all the help you’re going to get from me though because I avoid those types of themes like the plague.

Scholfield: Yeah, I’ve seen that, but they don’t tell you what happens on those hooks.

Dapper: LtDarien: Like i said. thats about as far as you’re going to get. especially in this room. Gensis and other third party premium themes are not supported in here.

Sachez: Uh oh. thousands of sites compromised and vector still unknown: wordpress-malware-active-visitortracker-campaign.html">

Kippley: Hey Sachez what about instagram

Sachez: Say goodbye, Lincoln, NE

Tschoepe: Im not infected at least

Berhalter: So thankful my clients are on WP engine. they are pretty obsessive about tracking this stuff for them

Tesoro: Guimares you had to be here

Tschoepe: BOGO do you have a cdn provider picked out

Peskin: Oh cute. you guys have inside jokes.

Meola: It was a troll we had here yesterday

Sachez: Guimares: we had to have an troll ejected yesterday

Yockers: A CDN picked out, not really

Ramesh: Sachez: wow someone actually got kicked for trolling? That might be a first.

Sachez: I asked Clor*th to step in and the troll really ticked him off

Tavarez: How do i add a shortcode to my wdiget plugin? can somone direct me to the do***entation?

Dillahunt: Afmza:

Sachez: Also, look at

Sachez: Afmza: it’s my utility plugin that has some shortcodes

Turnmire: Afmza: are you trying to make your OWN plugin? Or let an existing shortcode work inside of your plugin?