Ycon_ im in Asia. im having.

Manza: Looks like another irritated customer by you know who.

Krebel: Nate: he’s not well clearly.

Reimer: Lenswipee: It happens, it’s just a shame really

Reimer: I mean I’m not a huge WP user to begin with, but if I was a new WP user and came in to see someone like that act like that constantly I’d likely abandon it quickly. People like nice communities 😛

Bayard: Nate: sure is, but I have plans to have the weed removed permanently ;

Reimer: For whatever it’s worth if stuff like infinitewp were even remotely a quickly viable option I’d be using them

Reimer: But my job at this point is like, being one of two contractors being brought in to completely -rebuild- an entire cities sewage and water system after having stevie wonder design it

Manago: Nate: I hope you’re getting paid well to do it!

Reimer: Oh yes, that at least I am, a good 56 hours a week minimum 😛

Reimer: It’s just crappy when I’m in the middle of updating these all and literally one of them gets breached as I’m working on it, some random m***-mailer script got uploaded to wp-content/upgrade/ and I was like “Really?”

Reimer: But yeah it’s just a very long process of trying to make a situation better that started out horrible long before myself and the other sysadmin got on board

Speroni: Nate: you’ll get there :

Reimer: Indeed, preferably before I get grey hairs 😛

Reimer: Lol, someone seems salty

Sanpson: Nate: just use /ignore opsec ;

Nordeen: I like a little salty/sweet

Reimer: At least he thinks highly of himself, better than being mopey and stuff I suppose 😛

Nordeen: I’m not really a moped guy, i prefer at least a 250

Ennes: Hi there, some one have more info than sucuri gave about the visitorTracker_isMob ? It’s a wordpress core issue or came from some plugin?

Jansson: Hi all, I’m after a good free host to build a few basic test sites. 000webhost isn’t working. Other suggestions?

Swink: Widoz – per Seccuri, it seems that it’s a vunerability within plugins.

Miyagishima: Sofka: and they don’t know which plugin is

Eske: Widoz – that’s what it seems.

Patajo: Sofka: I’m reading an article by virusbtn and they tell that the compromised sites ran a 2008 of the wordpress core.

Swinderman: Https://www.virusbtn.com/blog/2015/07_31.xml

Pych: Widoz – don’t know what to say. They don’t really provide any proof it’s in the core, then again nor does Securi when it comes to affected plugins. Though, if it was a core issue, I would maybe expect to see more infected sites.

Chludzinski: Sofka: I agree with you, also, I would to know what automattic or core developers thinks about it.

Mcnee: Then again, it says that the article from Virustbn.com says it’s a 2008 version of WordPress.

Rentie: Which, doesn’t really suggest anything except the person really doesn’t care about security. So, I could ***ume the plugins were compromised just as much as the core was widoz

Shier: Yeah, also, the issue was made using the Nk means that the plugin use a flash engine or something like that for adv’s, iframes? Extra libs

Mcclaney: Yes, basically finds an exploit to download stuff via CGI and iFrames from what I can tell, which then gets some flash to use nuclear exploit kit.

Keeman: I need a shared hosting where i could host multiple wordpress website

Drexel: InMotion, GoDaddy, BlueHost, GreenGeeks ?

Ike: I use GoDaddy. Not mad about em, but do the job. Are you in Aus? I know a good free one here

Brevik: What is peoples favourite Custom CSS manager?

Peels: I use the argent theme. On mobile it does not show the menu automatically only MENU, and I can click on it to show the menu entries, in a top-down fashion. Is there a way to have it directly other than editing the theme sources, .php and .css?

Blaese: Ycon_ im in Asia. im having second thoughts for go daddy