Hi there, I am having.

Pam: At least, it’s valid CSS anyway. https://paste.asmcbain.net/d23187df

Rabassa: Pam, yes, it’s valid, however, it’s not behaving the same as div

Weltz: I also tried: :first-child

Bressi: Which is not really the same but not working eiether

Pam: Of course not. It would select any child of the parent.

Pam: As opposed to just divs that are children.

Mccarter: Pam, there is only one child

Shurts: It should result in the same

Pam: Then how does it behave differently from selecting just the div?

Prass: I am applying a width 100%

Gouty: On div and that works

Punch: I believe the star applies to recursively on all children

Pam: Nope. Not in conjunction with

Pam: Divs default to being effectively 100% already.

Pam: Width: 100%; on a div with no padding and no border and no box-sizing directive and not floated or otherwise positioned are the same as a div without one under the same conditions.

Pam: If the item selected is by default an inline element, specifying a width will not do anything.

Dubard: Pam, it’s within a flex component . wihout 100% i am getting different resylt . i wish I could easily reproduce buts not easy

Schleiff: And with * it’s also diffrent

Pam: Well I can’t help you if you can’t reproduce it in a test-case.

Annuzzi: Maybe it’s because * wouldapply to text elements or something

Cunis: It appears to be somethign else

Peeples: Momomo, Preferred live pastebins: http://jsfiddle.net/http://codepen.io/http://paste.asmcbain.net/http://www.webdevout.net/test/

Brookover: Http://kristian.anapnea.net/quaterm***/

Marke: I want a line of text under “Ringstone Round” .

Pam: Kristian_on_linu, ok, and?

Zieser: I am having trouble getting bootstrap columns to line up with a thin browser, can anyone take a look at http://staging.relato.io/oreilly/cloudera.com ?

Ruggiero: I can’t figure out how to do it . I want it to be a new line

Boje: I don’t know how to specify… that the outer div for a person/talk is not to be invaded by the next div.

Camargo: But if I put it in a p/p it’s on the same line

Pam: Kristian_on_linu, the h1 is floated left. Try putting a clear: left; on the p though I might use a div here if you’re putting it directly after the h1.

Fronick: Div cl***=”tagline”foo bar/div

Bly: And then in the css: #tagline { display: block; clear: left; }

Reinowski: And the line just before that is just h1 cl***=”logo”a href=”{{ site.baseurl }}/”{{ site.title }}/a/h1

Abuel: What bugs me is that the h1 does not automatically make a new line, as headers usually do

Pam: Kristian_on_linu, because you gave it a cl*** of tagline, not an ID of tagline. The selector is looking for an ID.

Salsberry: Now it works . thanks, Pam!

Pam: Kristian_on_linu, You’re welcome.

Sturtz: Do you have any idea why my page becomes messy at screen size 768px — there’s the link: http://altayaydemir.com/works/n4now/

Pam: Zebrastik, define “messy”

Jugan: Content of the “n4now ne yapar” goes up to section before it

Pam: It’s always in the top row for me.

Hamidi: Sorry content of the “n4 nasıl calisir” goes up to the section “n4 ne yapar”

Pam: I meant the “ne yapar” one. If you want want that one to be on the second line then perhaps try doing margin: 0 auto; on the nav at that point and set a width/max-width on it such that you can only have two per line.

Pam: It doesn’t need to be exact, just small enough that the third item will always be bumped.

Benninger: Hi there, I am having issues vertically aligning my labels. what am I missing? https://jsbin.com/fuyuli/edit?html,css,output