I am a bit puzzled . I am.

Pam: Ours is mostly regional anymore I think.

Pam: Tending to regions that have a stronger accent.

Warnberg: Tell me you have a link to a simple script for xhr csv read/write :p

Veneman: I suppose i shouldn’t be a USian and take credit for things that the Internet created

Mcclurkin: Well we created the internet

Forberg: And by we I mean Al Gore

Veneman: Sure, but the transitive property doesn’t apply to social revolutions

Veneman: Like, sure, maybe until the patents ran out

Repoff: Veneman: how about you, csv script?

Veneman: Javascript xhr reading a csv and just parsing it?

Veneman: Csv is . it’s terrible. utterly terrible. there are no shortcuts to parsing it, that’s how terrible it is

Veneman: I got close with a crazy two-step process of tokenizing into words split on commas and then running through all the words and fixing the quoted ones and the escaped commas

Veneman: So, sorry no. find a csv library will be your best bet

Chinick: That’s easily sorted by using actually unused delimiters

Veneman: Like, don’t do what i did, ever

Veneman: Yeah, until it ends up being used ;

Veneman: If you can control the delimiters, why not json?

Veneman: I once thought as you did and used :-: because why not? pain in the butt

Juve: Yeah but I once thought as I did, and still do :p

Veneman: You could use the real ascii codes for field separator and record separator ;

Livings: Anyway, the point is it’s for something small

Wash: I control the data 100%

Veneman: 0x1F, for example. it’s unprintable

Veneman: Damnit. why didn’t i think of that 15 years ago.

Schweiger: Or you could just use ‘asfdoijfdsajioafdsjiofijo48u9498ut489u42t8u9ug89ahuiah;as;jd;jkfas;kjghaowohpghpaohwoigjaksjdg’ to delimit

Veneman: Sure, but that’s huge. 0x1F is a single byte

Veneman: Not even the utf-8 char you had up there, which is likely 2 bytes

Sink: Half byte’d be better

Veneman: But you couldn’t split on half-byte, as JS works with characters

Meginnes: Blehck, should get to sleep, like the old man I am

Gitchell: Boy when I can afford coffee again.

Losier: That’ll be the day/week/month

Alatosse: I’ve decided that what makes people old is that they embrace going to sleep before their minds are exhausted

Veneman: I mean, if you just want to data.split /n/ .map function line { return line.split /x1F/ ; } ;, you’d have to use full character delimiters

Veneman: My fear is that’s what people to do live until they’re old :p

Ceja: I”m goint o use ₒ Y ₒ , like at http://reisio.com/screen

Caplinger: Veneman: people do to live*?

Veneman: Right, yes. it’s late :p

Macmillen: Yeah, just wanted to properly grok

Foxworthy: Who wants to live till they’re old if they’re old the whole time

Veneman: Http://reisio.com/ₒ%20Y%20ₒ – 404

Jabali: I’ve heard heart attacks are excruciating, though

Gummersheimer: Veneman: yeah, because the ‘s are CSS, not file

Castelo: Pretty high-larious, rite? :p

Linville: Veneman: oh sorry misread

Jaegers: They aren’t spaces, IIRC

Finocan: It works whatever it is: http://reisio.com/

Luppino: Http://reisio.com/%C2%A0ₒ%C2%A0Y%C2%A0ₒ%C2%A0 :p

Ohearn: I love putting a0’s into clown-authored forms that want you to not leave an input empty

Ciullo: I am a bit puzzled . I am trying to select the first element for a parent element . .parent div { . } works fine . however, it doesn’t have to be a div . it can be of any type. parent * doesnt work . parent { } is what I expected to worrk but less is not compiling it . what am I missing here ?