Would rather just use a.

Skapura: Im trying to put a little lion picture on top of the menu. and it is coming up blank with a rectangle around it.

Millis: Yeah i don’t see that, i see it as a single line list

Garcea: It’s src=, not src url

Petiet: Your html is fscked up

Doersam: Yes that was it! thank you

Mckimley: Further in, hmm no product count against them though

Wrobleski: Post something in the Woo Commerce forums — maybe someone there knows a hook or something

Geil: Anyone used twilio for text messages for toll free #’s with extensions?

Edemann: So I just did a fresh install of WordPress on a GoDaddy server and for some reason the WP-Admin page is acting funny? The links on the left dissappear and re-arrange randomly. I deleted the folder and installed again and still have the same issue. Is it just me or are there others?

Maday: Sisccl: mistake #1 – godaddy but this is probably the problem: wordpress-admin-menu-to-break">http://wptavern.com/a-bug-in-chrome-45-causes-wordpress-admin-menu-to-break

Asenjo: Sterndata: Thanks mate, that was it

Klich: Sterndata: i know this is off topic but do you have any experience with amazon API?

Carualho: Hey I am utilizing the plugin media wall on http://fourstudios.com/ but for some reason it is not updating whenever I submit, has anyone else ever used this plugin or maybe might know what is wrong?

Nappi: Is there an uploading option in wordpress that might be denying this or something?

Truiolo: When we set following in wp-config.php: define’DB_COLLATE’, ‘utf8mb4_unicode_ci’;

Auel: Will that force also all plugins which want/need to create new tables to create such instead? because some want to make tables which use latin1_swedish_ci

Brooks: Blahkat: try disabling any caching pluings to see if that’s theproblem

Geil: Finished eps 4,5,6,7 of narcos woo

Rodrigez: Sterndata: any idea about force to use correct collation in wp db?

Flagge: No. Have you tried it?

Feickert: I’m dealing with WooCommerce plugin, and I’m wondering is it possible to get a link instead example.com/product/ be like example.com/shop/product/ – which template should I edit?

Gerwig: To be honest, no, will need to do new install to find out 😀 , was hoping on some experiences

Trecroci: _Zodiac: it’s not something I’ve ever worried about

Geil: Pazician goto settings – permalinks i think it gives you the option

Laflin: Sterndata: I have seen wp dbases with 4 different collations created by allkind plugins, and yes as soon using different languages it is possible causing problems characters like German umlauts or turkisch/arabic characters so yes some worries about such mess is not overdone

Laud: _Zodiac: I only do all US English sites, so multilanguage isn’t an issue yet

Droegmiller: Sterndata: I understand your point of view which is logical, was just hoping that WP was a little more standard with such. because performance wise it is sometimes a real diff to see slower

Cumbass: PHP7 will fix all of our speed woes.

Beuther: Will it? not familiar with it yet

Hammacher: Http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=php-70-rc2&num=1

Gwalthney: Oh, thank you for that link

Wiatr: Hi guys! Throw me a bone here? I’m lookign to get basic JSON data into a tabular format on a wordpress blog page using a rest api. not new to code, but new to wordpress. searching the plugins cache doesn’t really come up with a lot of ideas as to where to start. also need to properly cache this: i believe there’s some builtin function to ***ist with this.

Lillard: Just need someone to point me at, “here’s the best way to use rest and get data into template tags on wordpress” and I can take it from there

Begley: Sartan: https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Transients_API

Byan: Yeah that’s right. I think you were the one to show that to me a couple weeks ago. how about the rest part?

Thede: Would rather just use a prebuilt plugin than having to build one from scratch, if possbile, and just modify it for transient