So far I can use.

Prindall: It “works” but it’s ugly.

Carnley: Upq, nevermind. If you want it to be transparent just do whatever you were doing and set the background to be the same as the parent or some such.

Daubendiek: Rfc19, this is more responsive:

Tompkin: Daubendiek: brilliant, thank you

Argie: Hmm which bootstrap style button do you guys like to use for “Add new”? Like, say you have a list and you want the user to be able to add a new element

Skeem: I wish i have a live site to show, but i don’t. anybody have any idea why i always have an extra white space under images in a div?

Jenaye: Skeem you can recreate your issue on and paste it there

Goldy: Skeem, In order to help, we need a URL to the live site or a testcase that demonstrates the problem. Please don’t make us log in or create accounts. See paste for paste sites

Daubendiek: Skeem, because img is fitting to the baseline. use display: block for the image perhaps. or vertical-align:bottom;

Tokarski: Ah, I envy that experience, I cant do a thing without a live code :

Gamage: Any good book for good proper html semantics?

Skeem: Wish i could Mobbs . its on a local ***rant vm

Skeem: The problem seems to go away when i do display:block for all my images mzalex

Skeem: Is that standard practice?

Scarpato: Or vertical-align:top

Scarpato: You don’t need display:block that way

Skeem: I get a space with the vertical align option emerson

Scarpato: Hmm, try making it display:inline-block

Facundo: Does anyone know how to move the ¨Home, About, Contact, etc.¨ text upwards a bit?

Knick: Https://

Okada: It still centers the text but increases the grey space

Daubendiek: Deroeck, if you need a one line menu, the simplest way is adding line-height property to the items to fix the text height and be centered continuously.

Pettengill: Daubendiek, well, you see on the left where it says Hipster Game Studios?

Cannizzo: So it doesn´t look good for the buttons with smaller fonts to be on the same line

Magri: So I want them to be on different lines, so to speak

Daubendiek: Deroeck, do you want this? :

Shuffler: Daubendiek, yeah! that works great, thanks!

Saxena: The first left div is sticking to the top border however other two div’smiddle,right are shifted 10 px down after float

Alty: Https://

Daubendiek: Css_noob, that margin comes from the P elements, anyway good

Lashua: Oh, thanks a lot Daubendiek:

Malecha: Can I specify the min-height depending on the current element’s computed width?

Stoeckel: Like always 0.8 the width it has right now, or something

Bronchetti: Can someone maybe breakdown the code for the search hide/show thing and explain to me how it works?

Daubendiek: Tucan, sot same, but simple css : :

Crown: Can I specify the min-height depending on the current element’s computed width?

Bollaert: Like always 0.8 the width it has right now, or something. is that possible with

Chenette: Doing a Codecademy course. I’m using Bootstrap. I made a cl***=”col-md-4″ inside 3 divs to have 3 columns. The content is still stacked but Codecademy is telling me that it is right. Any idea what is wrong? I can make a pastebin.


Daubendiek: MrJones, what do you want to fit by height? a youtube video?

Shumay: I’m trying to draw a line in the nav bar under both the page im hovering over, and the current page

Pacelli: So far I can use border-bottom but that shifts the entire page down!, or I can underline it doesn’t look great since its literally underlining the text and so is really close