Klaiber: i want to have a.

Rosiak: Anotheryou: i prefer to put it in the dom.

Vintinner: And what is the clean way of hiding it?

Alexaki: Anotheryou: display: none

Flash: Hi. Is this a good library for accessing cookies? https://github.com/ScottHamper/Cookies

Macurdy: I’ve used it to set a cookie and now I want to clear the cookie. I’ve already re-set the cookie using a timeout option of 10 minutes now

Montijano: But is there a way to delete it?

Wedo: Okay. so onclick=”return javafunction” is not the way to go, but you use something called handlers? Or what am I looking for?

Nosis: I’ve done Cookies’token’, null but that makes it still show up in Cookies’token’

Siva: I thought I was ##linux

Delpit: Industrial: jQuery cookies is a good one

Sisemore: Ok here is what I dont understand

Jurik: Do***ent.cookie===’token=’

Carabajal: Do***ent.cookie===’token=’ = again true

Moudy: There is no way to delete cookies. You should empty it and set the expiry date in the past.

Hanekamp: Industrial: set the cookie expire date to the past

Fiebich: Industrial, wait, I don’t know client side. But for server side, have a look at this SO https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5285940/correct-way-to-delete-cookies-server-side

Melso: Does JavaScript provide a way of creating private methods

Meriweather: I have a problem with disqus comments, http://codepen.io/anon/pen/yYymvm, the problem is that the comment count number doesn’t get displayed. anyone knows why?

Tresvant: Not natively, but there are workarounds

Fritzpatrick: H***in: not directly, what do you want to do?

Klaiber: Adv_, what is your forum shortname ?

Parkison: Ah sorry forgot to put it in

Eason: I was just looking at CoffeeScript and realized it had no way of creating private methods either as far as I know

Cherrette: I thought it was an inherent limitation of JS

Compau: Unless you do some weird scoping hack

Witkus: Http://codepen.io/anon/pen/yYymvm

Fritzpatrick: H***in: not much reason to use coffeescript these days really

Savela: Dash: what makes you say that?

Coger: Probably a lack of reasons to use it

Hammette: Hey! Asp.NET MVC decimal in my local 0,00 but javascript cannot add them.

Kimple: Is there any guarantee about the order event handlers get called in?

Kimple: Is it the order they’re added

Klaiber: Adv_, don’t you need an url in your span?

Cangiano: Klaiber: no according to the howto

Rabern: Klaiber: https://help.disqus.com/customer/portal/articles/565624-adding-comment-count-links-to-your-home-page

Mcthige: As well as the attribute data-disqus-identifier or data-disqus-url.

Klaiber: It loads http://mynewsite2.disqus.com/count-data.js?1=identifier1&1=identifier2&1=identifier3

Klaiber: But there is no count in it

Klaiber: Are you sure the identifiers are good?

Tank: I have JS with some dynamic values based on GET parameters

Lex: It’s a PHP file which generates the JS

Merida: Is it a good idea to write the extension to .js?

Augustyn: Klaiber: the identifiers identifier1, identifier2, identifier3 are arbitrary. i put them there. is that wrong?

Coopey: So instead of “generate.php” it’d be “generate.js”

Grifin: Have the page set teh content-type:

Klaiber: Adv_, it should be the same that what you are counting no?

Papas: Klaiber: i’m not sure i understand

Toomes: Klaiber: i want to have a separate thread for each item, so i’m putting different identifiers on each 1,2,3 . they have no comments on them yet, so it should print 0 comments, no?