Worst case, you figure out.

Clouser: Please don’t feel obligated to help

Suing: Sorry, have to go afk

Hinners: Jstransky: so you’re wanting to get a list of posts that match ‘foo’ in the post_content OR the ‘customf_field’ meta value?

Shelburne: Is it possible for a PHP script to use WP API without WordPress platform actually being used in a browser?

Pavella: Filipovich: I guess I will do it. I have another question

Filipovich: Temhaa: ok, what’s up?

Doyle: Filipovich: I created blog page and permalink looks as http://www.mycompany.com/index.php/blog-4/

Kuzmin: Shelburne: what do you mean by that? You have another PHP app that would like to use the WP API?

Patrin: Filipovich: and I couldn’t change it

Filipovich: You have another page with the slug “blog”. You might want to change it. Look at your pages! And check Trash, too.

Filipovich: Index.php should not be in your URL!

Filipovich: What’s your site’s real URL?

Mccadams: Jstransky: holy crap

Sattel: Filipovich: after using that lib I showed here it’s not working again.

Malm: Im having issues ordering a custom post type by menu_order. Im expecting the order to be the same as the order when in admin looking all the posts of that type

Filipovich: AbuDhar: As I said, I don’t do multilingual sites or polylang

Filipovich: AbuDhar: but if you broke your site again, you can surely restore from the backup you made before messing with it again.

Fjeld: Filipovich: I can easily go back yeah

Marez: Does the order of the args make a difference/

Filipovich: Temhaa: did you find another page called “blog”?

Filipovich: Temhaa: also, your .htaccess file doesn’t seem to work; a site.com/lotsofjunk gets a SERVER 404 error, not a WordPress 404 error.

Noles: Filipovich: I found it but it was trash.

Markwell: Filipovich: it it cache problem?

Filipovich: Temhaa: so you have two problems: 1 Apache is not correctly configured to respect WP’s .htaccess file and 2 a second “blog” page.

Filipovich: Delete it from trash, then go back to the “blog” you created and change the slug from blog-4 or whatever to blog

Filipovich: It is not a cache problem. pages in trash still own their slug.

Hidden: Filipovich: I am deleting now so /index.php problem?

Filipovich: That’s a web server misconfiguration. .htaccess is being ignored.

Filipovich: Do you have access to the web server configs?

Filipovich: And are you comfortable doing sysadmin stuff?

Grando: Filipovich: do I change htaccess from wp admin

Filipovich: It’s being ignored because your http configuration is incorrect for WordPress

Remondini: Jstransky: try this http://pastebin.com/siedFwzx

Pillips: Jstransky: just has one meta query but its a start. your mess is . well. a mess

Filipovich: Temhaa: did you change the slug of the page you created?

Filipovich: And have you added a post?

Filipovich: Hmmm. your theme is built as a one-page theme. I wonder if it supports real pages and posts? Check with their support: wordpress-theme/8899186">http://themeforest.net/item/doors-onepage-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/8899186

Spotted: Filipovich: I am used wp rss aggregator

Lanni: Filipovich: I added rss and added to page and I changed slug

Filipovich: Check with the theme support wordpress-theme/8899186/support">http://themeforest.net/item/doors-parallax-responsive-one-page-wordpress-theme/8899186/support

Filipovich: Temhaa: is this a live site?

Filipovich: Could you change the theme to test?

Pelletier: Filipovich: yes live site. we have not stage

Filipovich: Then post a qeustion for the theme’s developer on its support site

Filipovich: Worst case, you figure out how to do blog.site.com as a separate site. :-