Drej: individual slide out.

Esmon: Can i put it in my custom cl*** like.

Dudenbostel: Hello234123 it should be #tittlestuff:hover

Colomba: But with the # it means its a ID not a cl*** right

Adlam: Hello234123 hover doesnt work on images and other elements, but for most cases, yes

Lawwill: Can i make a animation from red to blue when it puts the mouse over it

Pinard: Hello234123 yes, and if you want prefabricated animations on hovers, you can try this http://ianlunn.github.io/Hover/

Hagger: Lol that is great man thanks

Embler: Mbm: display: table messes up my text-align: center this menu is in. any way I could void this?

Flett: You just include the .css in your page, and add the animation cl*** name, and it just works :

Oroz: I didnt even know what css could do few days ago

Colins: I went from css1 to this. and it was a huge change, a lot to learn since 2001 :

Savoca: Amikrop: display:inline-table ;

Briz: Alex can i have cl***es with animations

Hooker: You can use cl***es instead, I use that

Rothell: You can target as a:hover #someId:hover or .yourcl***:hover

Pullar: Can i have multiple transition props

Piascik: Hello234123 yes, you can animate multiple properties independently

Laskoskie: Hey thanks but ive seen that theres 2 ways of doing it

Amore: Wich one should i use to work in all browsers

Toulmin: I mean theres that webkit thing and transition-property thing

Distel: Http://www.w3schools.com/css/css3_transitions.asp

Kawelo: Drej, W3Schools: errors, omissions, deceit. They are *not* affiliated with the W3C. Please stop reading/pointing to them! See http://w3fools.com/.

Swirsky: Hello234123, http://jsfiddle.net/2jfb2j1j/ double transition;

Walczynski: I’m here because css I

Jollimore: I’m here because i’m an op

Rensch: I’m here ’cause my reproductive organ is enormous

Manrriquez: Now im here because drej said a word on my stalk list :p

Pitcherello: Oh sure, blame me emerson

Hockenbrock: Actually I’m here because I come up with some really obscure css edge cases and I mistakenly thought I might run into someone who knew more about them

Iovino: Do you have a testcase mbm ?

Gunnett: Yeah, pointless rebranding

Tuong: I’m here just to watch others being here explaining why they are here

Skuse: I’m here for the free beer

Wormington: Drej: http://retry.abort.fail/test2.html . note that it will only work in chrome and only with devtools set to touchscreen emulation

Tipsword: What are you trying to accomplish

Arostegui: Whats the interaction

Belcourt: Drej: list of some ~400 elements along the right side, each row can be individually slid out to the left

Kunzler: That appears to be doing just that

Mckerrow: Drej: the “fun” part is that in order to do that it requires a few oversized wrapper divs, namely #list which I’ve colored red in test1.html

Wester: I dont see anything red

Cardono: Http://i.pud.ca/image/061O0D142F1B

Barnathan: So you have one list wrapper

Kubilus: Drej: yes, that’s test2.html; on test1.html I’ve colored it red

Marentis: The problem is that the #list wrapper blocks pointer events to items behind it and it’s not a simple pointer-events:none or it’d break the scrolling/sliding aspect of the page

Frick: And the slideout things are supposed to overlap whatever content on the left?

Zens: And it has to have the click event across the whole row?

Fretz: Rather than just the item itself?

Laswell: Drej: individual slide out items will have an onclick event