Oh it totally is. I’ve.

Filipovich: Temhaa: are you asking how to take an rss feed and make them posts on your site?

Woy: Malbaurn: thats a HUGE job.

Tringali: I wrote the wp-admin p***word wrong 3-5 times

Klarin: Malbaurn: probably want to find a plugin to do that for you

Sprouffske: New WP_Query but I’ve kinda hacked it together using filters

Liddle: Your request was blocked due to a temporary block placed on your network/IP

Laterza: Filipovich: how to take rss feed to mycompanys.com/blog without crash already exist site

Muoio: Now I need to use a proxy server lol

Hechinger: Filipovich: sorry my english is not good

Filipovich: Temhaa: that doesn’t make sense. What do you want to do?

Lembcke: Normally you would see the AND wp_posts.post_type IN just before the GROUP BY

Baylis: Jstransky: show me your actual code you hacked

Filipovich: AbuDhar: do you have a security plugin that does banning? WordFence? Limit Logins?

Frew: Ok I can connect again :

Barentine: And the OR after wp_posts.post_status is normally AND

Hoock: This polylang plugin keeps redirecting me to http://udvikling2015.dk/nn/

Dayal: Jstransky: show me your actual query you say you hacked together

Filipovich: AbuDhar: it will be good when you write your own CMS because WordPress seems over your head.

Rhump: Filipovich: we want serve both company web site and blog posts. blog posts will come from rss feed but web site is coming normal wordpress page

Kullman: WordPress just bugs me Filipovich:D

Angeloff: On each page save reload of page. what is that? :s

Filipovich: Temhaa: Is this what you want? Site A has an RSS feed. You want to take the RSS from Site A and put them on your site as blog posts. Am I correct?

Towsley: Just use an ajax call and you are set 😀

Filipovich: We’ll all look forward to AbuPress.

Errett: Filipovich: I guess. you are correct

Filipovich: Temhaa: wordpress+posts">https://www.google.com/search?q=add+rss+feed+as+wordpress+posts

Garron: Coming up, gotta clear out some comments

Choinski: Bu***and: http://pastebin.com/ZBYQMGTt

Filipovich: Opsec: you’re right about TJs, but now they have a sign at each register explaining why they don’t have the grahams in stock. I guess they got tired of being asked.

Savaria: They killed a whole town on one bad batch of salt.

Evens: Bu***and: Its either a great work around or a terrible hack

Savaria: Bulldozed it and paid off the mayor to zip it.

Heckart: Jstransky: what exactly is your goal with this?

Tesseneer: Short answer, I want to search post meta OR post_content, not AND

Yeargain: But WP_Query forces an AND in there.

Treine: So I created a WP_Meta_Query object just to extract its Where and Join

Mallegni: Then I append it to the WP_Query while changing the AND to an OR

Villante: Guys honestly. do you hate me? :d

Prudden: And yes, this has “I have no idea what I’m doing” all over it

Filipovich: Hate? way too much effort is involved in hate. I’m not sure I hate anyone.

Frith: I hate myself sometimes.

Filipovich: Well, yeah, don’t we all.

Tzeremes: So the thing I wanted help for was how to rewrite slugs based on language Filipovich. :

Gavina: That was the actual thing I needed help with. I am using Polylang plugin.

Filipovich: AbuDhar: Got no idea. I don’t do multilingual sites.

Desir: Let me tell you. it’s a PITA

Kuhlman: Jstransky: hmm. this reads like spaghetti code tome

Sybounheuan: Https://github.com/KLicheR/wp-polylang-translate-rewrite-slugs this somehow works

Smyrski: Oh it totally is. I’ve been hacking away at it just to get it to work. I would of course refactor it if it bares fruit