WorldsEndless: i.

Marionneaux: I guess basically said. why even bother with get_template_part . what value does THAT have

Voorheis: LindsayMac: that seems a fairly common question!

Annese: It would be nice if get_template_part allowed one to p*** an arrary

Fini: Would be nice if it just did the BASICS of what an include did! hah

Cavez: Sterndata: seriously. get_template_part is more and more confusing to me now

Oechsle: We have “people” pages currently updated by site admins or editors. We want to allow users whose ID matches the particular “people” page to be able to edit that person in Drupal I’ve done this in user profiles, but this is the setup I have now.. What WordPress functions/plugins could help me achieve something like this?

Englert: So basically users will have a second “user profile” page. ugh. The more I explain this, the stupider the setup sounds.

Fronk: WorldsEndless: there are a number of front end user profile plugins out there

Delbene: WorldsEndless: its not a stupid setup. I am actually creating a similar basic thing except admins dont create the user pages, they are created automatically when a user signs up for an account

Sharkey: LindsayMac: that sounds ideal. admin OR user created

Chiola: LindsayMac: Currently our “People” pages are public-facing, sortable, and accessed by related sites via JSON-API

Corcoran: WorldsEndless: well. those are two pretty different scenarios. What would the purpose/ benefit be of having an admin create the user page?

Twiner: Hold on. bathroom run really quick brb

Teeple: LindsayMac: These pages represent faculty in a college, so the way it’s been done previously is entirely created/updated by web maintainers; but now we want to add functionality so that users can edit their own page they will log in via CAS. Hence my current efforts.

Goosby: Im running wordpres 4.3 and i went on the admin page and changed the ip address in there, i would guess this change is saved somewhere in the wp-admin directory, but there are so many files that i cant seem to find it

Krzynowek: R-Z: What page did you change it on?

Hoxsie: R-Z: “General Settings” maybe?

Service: WordPress admin page, there is this page with 2 ip adresses

Steinbrook: So you mean URL, instead of IP?

Loudon: Well url then, im running it on a local machine so

Thaxton: R-Z: okay. IN general, almost everything you do on the site itself is on the database, not in files. Files are usually only written for things like media uploads

Woodly: Ah yeah, general settings, wordpress address url and site addressurl are now incorrect

Sadin: R-Z: So in your database you want the wp_options table, and there is a siteurl and a home field

Shanholtzer: The database values will be over-ridden, however if you have defined these somewhere in your php files like wp-config.php

Elhaj: R-Z: Normally, though, these are not in your php files, and it’s just the database values giving directions

Biancardi: Ah yeah thanks, i think i got it

Frankenstein: R-Z: What was the actual problem? Site migration?

Beresford: Just playing with my rasberry pi, trying to get my site publicly visible

Rorie: WorldsEndless: ok back sorry.

Herbison: WorldsEndless: So in realtiy, you will like have a bunch of “people” who are not actually users, in that case.

Wujcik: LindsayMac: Yeah, except for the need to edit their one particular page

Vanhee: WorldsEndless: wait huh?

Gulotta: In the past, a faculty page has been made for them by site maintainers. Now we want to add the ability for them to log in via CAS and edit it themselves.

Troidl: WorldsEndless: from what I understand, not EVERY person in the directory is going to have a user account with the website. i mean, its typically pretty impossible to get every teacher/administrator to create an account on a site adn add in their info

Weingartner: WorldsEndless: i understand that. What i’m trying to discern is your ACTUAL requirements for the content.