My use profile system has a.

Fine: WorldsEndless: you have to think about the implications of the various ways you can build out such a system. There are a number of ways to do it. you have to think about their implications and decide which is best based on the usage of your site users and administrators

Sedenko: LindsayMac: The existing content type contains eight ACF fields such as Address/Office, email, and a little bio.

Golembeski: WorldsEndless: that doesnt really matter. i’m talking about how the data is used. not what the data is

Harrington: LindsayMac: So you’re correct. They will probably have some content whether they ever log in or not, because the site maintainers have put it there. We just want them to be able to edit it if they choose

Kingman: WorldsEndless: well, you can use some user permissions plugin to give users specific permission to only be able to edit a single post/page the one with their info in it

Mattoon: WorldsEndless: OR you can build something like I am that shows their profiles on the front end and allows them to edit it there on the front end

Mcmicheal: LindsayMac: In your case, what’s the reason for not making it a fancified user profile page?

Bemiss: WorldsEndless: not sure what you’re asking ?

Detwiler: LindsayMac: You can add ACF to profile pages, and probably change the way they appear when visited. This is the way I’ve always done this in Drupal, but I’m not if there are obstacles in WP

Runco: LindsayMac: Is there not a front-facing profile page in WP? I’m not seeing one

Wilborn: WorldsEndless: what do you mean “Profile Pages” . you mean the user profile that exists on the back end of wordpress?

Sparlin: WorldsEndless: those aren’t available to site visitors. Thats an admin screen.

Bari: LindsayMac: AH. I see.

Keefner: LindsayMac: My problem seems slightly more reasonable now.

Lefchik: WorldsEndless: WordPress, being a CMS initially created for blogging, has an AUTHORS page which is a page you can customize for WP authors

Dweck: WorldsEndless: For your case, i wouldnt put your custom fields in the user profile. I would probably put them in a custom post type called “FACULTY” and ***ociate the faculty CPT to the user if the user exists

Weide: LindsayMac: Yep. That sounds like what I’m trying to do

Conchas: Because, like you said after I did more probing, its possible you’re going to have faculty that never log in/ create an account

Oberhaus: WorldsEndless: so. like i said. you can simply get a plugin that lets you set permissions for editing on a post by post / user by user basis

Capuchin: That will still require the users to log in and edit via the admin dashboard. but its the simplest way to go

Katten: LindsayMac: I’m hoping I can find a plugin flexible enough to just say “where matches post.field”

Sinclair: WorldsEndless: ACF has a relationship field. so the user ID field on the CPT is easy

Tyler: WorldsEndless: Custom Post Type

Schwister: WorldsEndless: also, user by user permissions to edit content isn’t really that simple. WP has roles and you ***ign permissions to those roles and then you ***ign the completed roles to users

Tucknott: So you will want to have all your users who are faculty set as a specific role maybe register a new role called ‘faculty_users’

Oldfather: Then ***ign a permission to edit_posts HOWEVER you will have to lock or hide all posts except the single one you way

Leistiko: LindsayMac: Yeah, that latter part is the challenge I’m anticipating.

Card: WorldsEndless: or. like i said, find a plugin that lets you set it bit by bit

Brossoit: WorldsEndless: theres plugins that let you set edit permissions user by user/post by post. just use that OR look at the code and rework it to grab the user ID from a different custom field your faculty user ID field instead of the field the plugin creates

Lemmen: LindsayMac: Yeah, I’m looking at Role Scoper right now.

Sessler: My use profile system has a different scenario and is coded much differently. I dont need to deal with permissions in that way because each user IS the content. i dont have a CPT