I mean, why bother with all.

Kraetsch: Yeah but you still see the notices right?

Santacruce: Sterndata: you also thinks the search results on the plugin directory are a bit strange?

Defiglio: About register_sidebar —

Lorance: When I change the theme I get the message I just posted

Delpapa: CheckDavid: I said use Google.

Pavel: I use Google because it works better.

Nardi: AbuDhar: Theres some bad code somewhere on your site, but it all seems theme related

Laureles: If I could kill the theme I would do it 😀

Scheuer: OK I will send them a message. I have more questions

Justman: AbuDhar: you could build that look and feel in underscores in a couple of days.

Marinas: Depends what your time is worth, I guess

Kara: This is for a client. I don’t have time to rewrite all this :/

Bouwkamp: 12653 results found in 623 files hahaha

Sehgal: Is it worth porting a theme to underscores?

Sehgal: They just do everything right i guess?

Otinger: Ooops wrong place sorry.

Piercey: Hehehe that’s not what a developer should say AbuDhar xD

Lipinsky: How can I efficently fine php only files? 😀 I need to check for unnecessary whitespaces lol

Maples: AbuDhar: I’d look at the bottoms of the files for ? followed by a blank or an extra line

Osika: Yeah that will take 100 years dude

Vanderberg: Yeah, there may be some magic regex, but I flee from thoughts of regex

Finwall: Was thinking the same.

Mcclelland: Http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/#!/Up9KE/asylum.rocks

Schapiro: Trying to clean up some of those issues on there

Corazza: I know most I wont be able to since they are not on my server

Shaddix: But the ones that are I want to fix

Kamerad: BOGO: you have a grade of 92. Accept that your site is good and move on

Buford: It is actually 95 or there abouts

Clure: I just want to make sure I have the best I can

Birkenhagen: I try not to enable other folks’ OCD. I have enough of my own to deal with.

Carris: I know but I just want to make sure it is fast and

Litke: Http://stats.wp.com/e-201538.js I ***ume since I have page stats on the Dashboard that is why that is there?

Warens: Which I cant shut off anywhere

Mossing: But I do like the way the page looks now

Goettsch: BOGO: disable “stats” in jetpack

Winscott: Hey guys, I accidentally deleted my wp-content/plugins folder. What’s the best way to recover it?

Ament: Redownload plugins then copy files from 4.3.1.zip?

Swiderski: Partounian_: if you have a backup, thats the BEST way

Yobst: If only I was smart enough to back it up

Efthimiou: Partounian_: if you dont have a backup but you know the names of all of the plugins you used to have you can just in-install them and their settings and such should be still there in your DB

Hedler: Partounian_: hopefully you learned your lesson and will back up regularly now?

Catillo: I just created a git repo for the future though.

Tsakonas: Does anyone know for sure that you can not p*** variable values to files included by get_template_part ?

Dannard: Because I have some variables that seem to be useless in my template part

Volek: LindsayMac: you probably already read this: wordpress/">http://keithdevon.com/p***ing-variables-to-get_template_part-in-wordpress/

Figueras: Seems to be a common approach

Hantz: Yea. just came across it. It seems ridiculous that you can’t do it seeing as you can do it with a basic include

Kauffmann: I mean, why bother with all the “wordpressy” stuff for including files when you can’t do the basics of an include