Winland: Thanks, before I.

Napoleon: On one server it works, the new server I get this error – Client credentials were not found in the headers or body – I am using the same code. Makes me believe I am missing something on the server that needs to be installed.

Hyldahl: Im trying to edit the breadcrumbs in a child theme

Senz: Change the css style, and it has the same css tag as the menu. how can i separate that?

Eberley: Be more precise and use parent elements to distinguish between them

Brunjes: New to phpmyadmin: how do I find the value of a field per account? I only see the field names

Thackston: I have an order that has a custom product attribute in it, how do I retrieve it from the order in php code?

Lahue: Edgar can you h elp me for a sec?

Diminno: Edgar I have a simple product that was ordered with woocommerce, I am trying to get a custom product attribute that I defined for the ordered item, do you know how I get it in php code? I have this right now: $items = $order-get_items;

Varble: Is the custom product attribute in $items somehow?

Suitor: Never used custom product attribute myself. Where are you trying to get the attribute? functions.php? Some woocommerce template?

Nantwi: From a custom function when the order is completed

Bahrmasel: I think I figured it out, I can use the item to get the product id, then use a WC_Product_factory to get the product from the product id, then use getAttribute on the product to get the attribute

Roswell: I’m trying to investigate how I might share data between two different post types. What would be the proper term to Google?

Vecchio: WorkingNow: Sharing what ?

Wohlfarth: We have a few sites that have been taken down from malware infections. last time it took about a week to clean and we really dont have the time to do it. is there anyone that would be willing to help us out?

Carducci: I was wondering if theres maybe a scanner that will find the infected files and clean them but not destroy them?

Tisdel: Basically I have a post type for reviews. And then I have a post type for properties. I would like to try and be able to pull data on how many reviews for a certain property in my property list. I’m trying to learn about if I can build relationships.

Grulkey: Sausage_: Sucuri offers such services

Grieff: We don’t have a munch of $ :

Sanantonio: Were trying to move and all of our cash is wrapped up in moving expences

Cirri: Its $3600 down for the house and we literally have like $2400.

Friendly: Just trying to find options that are affordable.

Beninati: Sausage_: , and stop trying to patch up your hacked site. Reinstall or restore your backups. And read

Bowdon: That’s really the stock answer we provide to that I’m afraid

Sansbury: The backups are what got infected

Klimo: I found this plugin that sort of describes what I need:***entation/user-guides/creating-post-type-relationships/

Most: WorkingNow: That’s quite doable

Messervy: WorkingNow,

Sublett: I’d just have the reviews have a post meta field for what property they bel√łong to, and a simple WP_Query in the property page to pull the reviews from

Messervy: One of the best things to happen to wordpress

Callander: Are there any freelance guys that come around here that would be willing to help? it would be cool if we could look at it together with something like team viewer to get some ideas. i could donate some $ or equipment to the group if there is a donate area.

Maohu: Messervy: that is a good looking plugin. Thanks!

Mccarver: Winland: sorry, I was having dinner. what do you mean by using parent elemnts to distinguish between them?

Balde: Aelevadoan: Just that, you have other CSS selectors surrounding the crumbs, use them

Tetterton: Winland: Thanks, before I use a plugin, I was researching if I could easily do it without. I am thinking that there must be tons of situations where two post types must share data.