I need help re-accessing my.

Kronstedt: WorkingNow: Aye, usually done by using post meta as the binder =

Viernes: Winland: here you can see the page http://prueba.lab-interconectividades.net/talleres/

Evitts: Im trying to grep the element to see where it is, its not in the styles.css file

Echternach: These reviews are almost like a questionairre. So, I already put them as a different post type. So, I think I need to research how to do it as a relationship between two post types.

Beanblossom: In the end, they will be a front end questionanaire that people submit for a property that needs to be attached to each property.

Skanes: How do you guys normally create your themes?

Arbuthnot: From scratch or do wordpress front-end devs have a “go to” starter/base theme

Messervy: Foxhoundz, i like https://roots.io/

Pluid: Underscores.me is probably one of the most popular theme foundations.

Litter: I like roots.io also, but not sure if it is for creating a theme you want to sell.

Serey: Winland: re your answer saying to have my reviews post meta connecting them to a property. I could use this to query how many reviews each post has, pull them as a lit etc. But could I use this to query specific reviews data and combine it with my property list for example?

Punihaole: For example on my property list I want to highlight how many reviews each property has and average star rating.

Tessmer: WorkingNow: Of course

Gonazlez: I’m asking surcuri but it seems they won’t help me with my site. i have to pay yearly

Degroot: It’s just a visual representation of the data you’ve stored for each review any way

Penale: Winland: header.php ***igns the whole region of the navigation menu and the breadcrumbs to ‘menu_id’ = ‘dd’

Brence: Winland: i’ll need to research this more. I’m having trouble imaging creating a loop for my post type archive that incorporates data from my other post type. I must be missing something.

Steve: WorkingNow: Look up WP_Query, it’s magical and what you want to be using ;

Messervy: WorkingNow, https://github.com/scribu/wp-posts-to-posts/wiki/Basic-usage#displaying-connected-pagesposts

Stever: Can anyone help me out with seperating two elements that are englobed in one in a css?

Messervy: Prob want to look at $wpdb as well if your looking to sum/average reviews and such

Debruce: Winland: haha. I know wp_query. I’m just having trouble visualizing how I pull a list for one postype and then combine it with data from another postype. I’ll noodle it some more. Or I will use that plugin.

Mccafferty: Messervy: posts to posts is magical. Just reading through the wiki.

Arts: How do you guys make multi-depth comments look right on mobile? On my screen they are way too squished

Edgar: I’m trying to figure out how to create my friends tattoo website cool

Oblow: Just an FYI. there is not many templates for this

Spakes: Create theme yourself then using any existing theme you like

Monica: I hate to say it but i **** at creativity

Gaukroger: And i want him and his girlfriend to get noticed

Pennachio: Hahaha! a starving artist hire a designer ?

Rawi: What theme is similar to this one? Still not what i am looking for

Swell: wordpress-theme/6588457?ref=wpfreeware">Http://themeforest.net/item/ink-tattoo-studio-creative-wordpress-theme/6588457?ref=wpfreeware

Savaria: I think you’re in the wrong place.

Savaria: We don’t advise which theme to use, if you can’t find one you like, hire someone.

Benchoff: Ok. sorry. I’ve asked before and the people here helped me a few years ago

Lahrman: Hi there, for some reason this “?php query_posts’showposts=-1&orderby=title&order=ASC’; ?” is looping over my post and displaying it for inifinity

Lavatch: Would you elaborate on ‘displaying it for inifinity’?

Murnan: Hello? Is someone there?

Steffenhagen: I need help re-accessing my wordpress site after accidentally changing both the site and home URLs