Do I have to install.

Lampton: Does anyone know how i can get the WP media title to automatically display in a mediaelement.js container?

Lenkiewicz: Or am i just missing something really obvious?

Filipovich: Bu***and: I’m suggesting that if the string always ends in a number, work from the end back to the front

Marth: Filipovich: im working on that. Im not that good with regex

Filipovich: I’m awful with it, so I’d go brute force with a strrev, then find the first non-numeric character, take that substr, and strrev that. Voila, $i — though God knows it’s an ugly way to do it.

Papin: I need regex for use in a javascript .replace

Leake: Bu***and: give me an actual example and I’ll try to do a regex for it

Filipovich: Good luck. I’m going to work on dinner for a while.

Rosenbluth: Jstransky: attachments23543non-users3

Brison: And you want to match 3 or 3 ?

Alicea: Jstransky: i’m ALMOST there ;

Aini: This is most of the way there

Sindt: I have a meeting in 5

Hessey: Jstransky: yea i got there too

Zarrineh: Jstransky: well I have to select just the number

Grijalva: That’s what the matching group is for

Dittmann: Click on / code generator

Camposano: Jstransky: the entire regex gives you 1.

Altic: Oh right, you need to ditch the rest

Bidgood: I’ll fix it when I get back if you’re still stuck

Yeakel: Jstransky: yea exactly. t hats as far as I got too

Venus: Heh, maybe

Syal: Hmm ok. this isnt working/ i’m goibng to have to play with it more

Petros: I gotta head home for the night anyways

Reynvaan: Does anyone know how to get the id of an attachment by the url w/o using an sql call?

Birkhimer: Which feed template plugin do you recommend?

Hatada: Anyone here been to the US WordCamp in the past. Thinking about going but the schedule isn’t up so I’m not sure about when it all starts and ends. pesky details needed for flights and hotel rooms.

Weisenborn: Just read it’s the first WCUS so part of that statement is flawed.

Bicker: Robh71: It’s essentially WCSF

Jablonowski: Does it start early in the AM — by early I’m thinking 8-9

Stimac: Last year it was 8am till 6pm

Kurtzman: Roughly estimated, and both days

Montijano: I ***ume more information to come, they are working out the speakers, etc. ?

Remsen: Did you feel that it was worth the effort?

Salveson: It defenitely was and I’ll be going again this year

Gras: Speakers etc will pop up as they are finalized, it kinda ****s it’s never announced properly with lots of time to spare, but that’s the nature of getting volunteers from all around the world

Zoutte: But even just the gathering of minds it self is amazing even without the speakers

Mick: Close to $800 for the hotel for 3 days. I need 1,2 maybe 9 people to share this with

Livesey: Well, that’s if you go with the hotel they have a deal with, there are much cheaper alternatives if you don’t mind it being more than 2 blocks away from the venue =

Galhardo: Airbnb is also very popular alternative for many

Buder: Yeah I’m looking. I’d prefer not to be in someone’s home.

Lukowski: I can prob cut that in half

Creeden: I’m seeing hotels as low as $150 for 3 days 2 nights on =

Madkin: But yeah, I also don’t like the aspect of living in someones home when they are there

Plaxco: What is the difference between an action and a filter?

Vansant: Js; &

Beverlin: Do I have to install anything on the server to get oauth 2 to work?