Why wouldn’t a Super Admin.

Harbeson: Hello. I have a question about escaping content. I’m looking into a template and found following where i don’t understand, why it uses esc_attr_e:

Finnel: A href=”#content” title=”?php esc_attr_e ‘Skip to content’, ‘wcbs’ ; ?”?php _e ‘Skip to content’, ‘wcbs’ ; ?/a

Civale: Title is an attribute … but “Skip to content” is plain text. Why would one need to escape that?

Martini: Pixolin: I would guess because it’s good practice to use it in case someone changed the text?

Noriego: Defensive programming

Ossowski: Well, there’s plenty of that in wp

Dunzelman: Sorry for answering late, I had the mail man at the door.

Elia: Only way to change the text would be either by providing a bad translation or editing the templates themselves, where escaping doesn’t protect you.

Gabert: I would need to translate “Skip to content” with something such as ‘”other stuff here’ to break the html tag though.

Ruden: It just seems too cautious to me, no?

Champney: Now that is an answer that reliefs me at least if you meant the coding and not my comment on it 😀

Heisserer: Https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Function_Reference/esc_attr_e

Menden: It’s exactly for that purpose

Miscione: So that actually *does* ***ume the translator went nuts?

Clawges: OK, I take it as such … it looks odd, but … well. :

Jennett: Hey guys. been looking around for any free multilanguage plugin that works with SiteOrigin Vantage themes custom homepage. Anyone has any idea? Tried polylang, WPGlobus and some other small ones, but no success.

Trenkle: Qtranslate-x is rather popular and Multilingual Press Pro is available for free now although the latter might be a bit too much for your needs as it uses subdomains

Leforge: But if I read SiteOrigin I ***ume it uses their Page Builder, which makes it more difficult

Cobern: Yeah, it does. on regular pages polylang worked fine, but totally messed up the custom start page

Tyburski: With page builder that is

Bron: That’s what I thought … sorry, I don’t have a solution for that.

Paysinger: Okey. thanks anyhow. used wpml for work, but not sure it’ll work. if anyone knows that it does I might purchase it

Baden: When you want to mess up with WordPress developers, just mention you use a Page Builder … and want to increase performance of your website. ;

Tamura: Haha yeah I know, building for my wife, and page builder is an easy way to enable her to update stuff herself 😛

Deaver: Ah, I see, working on your divorce … why didn’t you say that right away 😛 😀

Sisney: Hey how do I get this click on third image second row from left

Degan: The p***word prompt? like that?

Becke: Or a popup on the same page?

Deuermeyer: Http://elieahovi.com/

Couser: Pixolin, p***word prompt on third image second row from left

Dirkse: Lol –  at what screen size?

Nabarrete: Pixolin, the prompt all mobile/desktop/laptop

Kells: The number of images per row change with the screen size

Stoss: The woman with headphones

Munshower: OK, http://elieahovi.com/sonos/ … and what is with that?

Copland: Hm, I would probably use a custom template for that particular page and add a login form to that

Pinn: Https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Template_Tags/wp_login_form in that template

Dulberg: Can the login form just be a p***word?

Rosan: Everything is possible :

Dreibelbis: If I interpret it correct, you could use it as wp_login_form ‘id_username=youruser’ ; and probably hide the form field with some css. I’m not sure whether that would be a good idea from a security stand point though.

Venth: At least providing a user name makes it easier to hack your site with brute force

Lesko: Why wouldn’t a Super Admin be able to enable a plugin on a second site in a Multi-Site setup?