Hello, I inherited this.

Yutzy: Hi all, is anyone here using wp-spreadplugin? somehow my show stays empty. says I have to rebuild the cache which I did. I don’t have any other caching-plugins

Speier: I am using Caldera Forms Plugin, and want to know if different emails go out to people I put as recipients? Also should I put a formal greeting like Dear ., Politician or Dear Sir/Madame?

Filipovich: R13ose: by “if different emails go out to people I put as recipients”, do you mean are they CC’d or are are individual emails sent?

Filipovich: R13ose: if so, it’s pretty easy to test

Swyers: Filipovich: this is Recipients, and says, “Comma separated list of email addresses to send the message to.” So if that is multiple emails that is fine.

Filipovich: So what’s your qeustion?

Schnell: Filipovich: If I am right and individual emails are sent out to everyone and just one plain email.

Filipovich: R13ose: seems easy to test. put in a couple of different emails and see what arrives at the other end.

Filipovich: I don’t know how that plugin works, R13ose. Where are you getting the names & info from?

Filipovich: It seems to me that you need to RTFM :-

Lendon: Filipovich: the info for the message is coming from a webpage, which most likely I will just have to copy in. The Recipients are coming from the backend field which I fix the message. RTFM?

Bahr: Filipovich: Fantastic

Filipovich: Happy National Coffee Day http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2015/09/27/national-coffee-day-where-get-freebies/72872018/

Israelsen: I have a general question about Google AdSense

Zabik: How much money do people make approximately for X amount of hits?

Libre: And when is it “worth it” to enable ads?

Filipovich: Mantas322: not a WordPress questoin

Gerth: Is it possible to show tags by default on a post entry screen, without having to click the “choose” link?

Filipovich: Ow1n: you could add a filter that sets default tags: https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Function_Reference/wp_set_post_tags

Filipovich: Here’s an example wordpress-how-to-set-a-tag-by-default">http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5112133/wordpress-how-to-set-a-tag-by-default

Lampitt: I don’t want to set any default tags, I just want them to be visible by default, instead of the user having to click “Choose from the most used tags” to make them visible.

Mccullum: Well, i figured lots of wordpress dudes here use adsense

Stelzer: And would be able to share some info if they use it

Malbaurn: Hi i am trying to copy my wordpress folder which is pretty big from one server to another using SSH. do i need SSH on both servers or just on one?

Filipovich: Mantas322: lots of people here probably drive Hondas, but it’s not where you go with a Honda question. :-

Silton: Okay okay, fair enough.

Thrasher: Both servers preferrably

Filipovich: Malbaurn: I’d tar/zip it on one and send the compressed tarball. The receiving server needs to support SSH or sftp

Malbaurn: Ok it supports SSH but i cant get the transfer started

Malbaurn: But thanks for the info, i ll keep on trying

Safran: Old server: tar -cf wordpress.tar wordpressdir/

Beane: Wget wordpress.tar">http://site.com/wordpress.tar

Sun: Tar -zxvf wordpress.tar

Malbaurn: How do i run tar on the old server if i dont have a shell?

Strachan: Cpanel or anything? you can usually compress files via file manager

Kading: Then wget from the new server

Malbaurn: Ok i will try that too

Malbaurn: But Kahahane happened:

Fell: Why do you have /wordpress?

Malbaurn: As the location i want it to put in

Pleil: First off, cd into that directory so you’re in it already

Habenicht: Hello, I inherited this wordpress site, I know very little about wordpress, but my wife uses it, so I thought how hard can it be. Well it has a pluggin called Pixgriddler that now is not showing any content