So. Anyone know why an.

Brroks: If u wanna write state of the art code

Kanniard: Ok, someone needs to get them a physicist.

Farrare: Though really we should just rename the atom.

Mooberry: Rename? why? it’s perfect to explain

Fanton: But atoms aren’t atomic

Terazes: They are made of smaller particles

Boughn: It’s been a misnomer for a century!

Alberro: So i have 5 different loops on my front page, and i want to make an array of all posts-id’s in these querys in order to make a sixth one that is able to exclude these ones.

Hayford: How will i go about this ?

Zahri: Grundell: you’ll learn some php, add the IDs from each loop into an array, p*** it through array_unique, then use it for exclusions

Modeste: I’d say collect the ids of the posts already retrieved and then $lastquery = new WP_Query array ‘post__not_in’ = array $exclude_ids ;

Bayton: Yeah, so the part where i collect the ID’s in a array from all the five together to work properly

Wickman: Grundell: Google result for php array –

Dieudonne: In the Loops: $exclude_ids = get_the_ID;

Costella: I would imagine you need to global $exclude_ids though

Gelbart: Err … I meant $exclude_ids = get_the_ID;

Nannen: Ya, sorry for the typo

Langwith: Hi. After the latest WP update one function on my clients site stopped working. There are a script going in the night thats trigged by the url /my_sync/ . it is triggered by a __construct in a plugin by a filter like this: add_filter ‘request’, array $this, ‘filter_url’ ; and then a preg_match on the filter_url function. But now, when trying to surf to that url i only get a 404.

Dorion: Jpegtobbe: make sure the plugin is activated, check your error logs

Fromong: And then start debugging the code.

Tramel: Ong: yes the plugin is activated. I did a log and the __construct thing is fired when people surf the site. Also the filter_url is triggered. In there i did a test now to do this: if preg_match”//testtest/”, $_SERVER’REQUEST_URI’ { . and that doesnt seam to work. if i do i only gets a 404!?

Mihlfeld: Ong: a sorry. seam that its fired anyway. even though it shows 404

Pensinger: So the url doesn’t actually exist

Cush: The plugin is just checking for it

Denomme: The plugin do a product import from a curl . and the curl is fired in that if preg_match”//testtest/”, $_SERVER’REQUEST_URI’ {

Droneburg: I cant seam to find the error. the code runs ok. so maybe the error lies in that that url never is accessed in the first place. but the strange is that it stopped work after the automated WP 4.3.1 update

Yingst: If there’s no page or post or whatever mapped to ‘testtest’

Ericsson: Then why wouldn’t it be a 404?

Landa: It sounds like your code gets executed, you just don’t like the server response

Devoogd: No i just made that testtest to test : . the correct preg_match was the url maxx_synk_importfile

Frichette: Is it possible that the curl stopped somehow if wp maybe returns a 404?

Stankaitis: Inside that IF statement. the first thing the code do is a ob_clean; . so it shouldnt be rendered something or so. !?

Croke: Jpegtobbe: what does that have to do with rendering?

Prueter: I dont know. im thinking out of the box ;

Faso: Anyway. thanks for the help!

Konz: I’m still struggling with multisite. I’ve started from scratch with a new second site, trying post for the first time, I get “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.”

Kopicko: I’m logged in as admin, so I’m not sure why there would be problems with capabilities.

Cecala: Must be a permissions issue I guess, logging in as a brand new administrator user works.

Caple: So. Anyone know why an administrator account with seemingly all the right capabilities would be prevented from doing administrator stuff?