Why not just install.

Lokan: Dcr: it’s beautiful to capture and imprison animals. they have no feelings either way on the matter.

Dunnaway: Opsec, see how they function at a higher level than humans emotionally?

Lokan: Our children should be able to stand in a zoo anywhere in the world and point and laugh at the monkeys for not “making it as far” as we did.

Lokan: Of course, most humans aren’t in the slightest control of their own emotions, nor do they think they should be or know it’s even possible

Lokan: Whales are now hungry for humushi now because of it.

Jeng: I played with owncloud

Vogeler: Thats one movie i wanna see

Lokan: You’ve never seen pulp fiction?

Jeng: Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLtwFugudZE

Vogeler: Pulp fiction, shaft, and clockwork orange i wann asee

Lokan: Heh, it’s the film that forced people to pay attention to the general annoyance that is “quintan tarantino”

Jeng: Opsec: though in a mamet-ish way, resevoir dogs is a better, more focused film

Vogeler: Havent seen that one either :p

Jeng: Fris: you need to put in some serious netflix time!

Jeng: Seen “usual suspects”?

Lokan: QT is just annoying to listen to talk

Jeng: Add that to your list!

Lokan: His films are generally ok, except the vampire crap

Lokan: Orca 1977 1080p 5.1 Blu-ray

Lokan: Cast: Bo Derek, Robert Carradine, Richard Harris, Charlotte Rampling, Don ‘Red’ Barry, Vincent Gentile, Wayne Heffley, Peter Hooten, Will Sampson.

Jeng: I am feeling a need for chocolate myself

Vogeler: I wish they would remake jaws with todays technology, that would be awesome to see

Lokan: They should just make it for real, using “stunt volunteers”

Lokan: Anyone that wanted to could sign up to be on the menu

Lokan: I’d pay to see that, as long as richard dawson hosted it

Vogeler: This ****s everytime i waant to check my one email i have to use a ssh proxy and check it, the pop server banned my ip for checking every minute

Towlerton: Opsec: Google result for running man movie – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Running_Man_1987_film

Jeng: Fris: where do you host your mail?

Jeng: And why are you checking every minute?

Vogeler: Jeng its an old email ive had since 1996

Vogeler: Jeng i had my email setup to do it forsome odd reason

Vogeler: Gonna see if my isp will release my current ip from dhcp

Jeng: You and my wife may be the last people who still believe in POP3

Vogeler: Its a pop only server :p

Lokan: If not, talk to the hand.

Osika: Hi! Anyone using Revolution Slider here and wants to help in some options?

Overstrom: Hi all, i have centos linux and i need to run wordpress for production use inside virtual machine

Campoy: What is the fastest way to run it?

Moberly: Is ***rant enough stable?

Zezima: Hi all, I have a problem width tags.php in my template, loop not working : You know something about it?

Jeng: Hivearts: why run it inside a VM if you already are using Linux?

Freckleton: Hello it’s nice to be here

Jeng: Pull up a chair, therealemerson

Moeller: Jeng: i want to keep that linux clean, i am already using some machines for my nodejs hosting

Jeng: Seems to me vv would be ok, as it’s just virtual box anyway

Jeng: Though I”m not sure about performance

Albert: I don’t care about performance

Jeng: Well, then, you’re all set :-

Jenck: I just need easy to config and stable lamp server

Jeng: Why not just install VirtualBox and install another copy of CentOS inside?