I have two divsdivA and divB.

Catterson: I would like to try to build a grid, but i need it to be responsive

Santacruce: Could anyone give some feedback on a design I’m working on?

Eddins: Mentoc: ##design for design questions

Yoshi: Hi, what is the normative way of handling this situation? https://jsfiddle.net/f557bLq4/1/ firefox erases the background, webkit since a recent update keeps it green

Goosby: Not sure what http://www.w3.org/TR/DOM-Level-2-Style/css.html#CSS-CSSRuleList says about that

Kuzminski: Would anyone be able to enlighten me as to why the #leftNavMenu button:hover does not work here: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/EVPxOe

Morita: I’m going to be developing an mobile web app not phonegap etc, just browser – any recommendations on UI frameworks beyond bootstrap

Mclaughin: Ziro, CSS libraries can cut down dev time and reduce headaches. Bootstrap: http://getbootstrap.com Foundation: http://foundation.zurb.com Semantic: http://semantic-ui.com Pure: http://purecss.io Bourbon: http://bourbon.io Even more: http://cssdb.co

Scarpino: Hey guys, so I have a page with a header, main content in the center, then a footer. is there a way in css to get a container height to go from the main content till the bottom of the footer which is the end of the page?

Jenschke: Gkwhc, use vh units and calc

Swantek: Gkwhc, CSS Sticky footer: http://www.cssstickyfooter.com/, http://www.pud.ca/misc/testcase/fullheight.html

Kellems: Hapi: cool ill look into that. thanks!

Doussan: Would anyone be able to enlighten me as to why the #leftNavTab button:hover does not work here: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/EVPxOe

Talor: Whitenoise, “It doesn’t work” doesn’t help. Give a live example or a testcase and be specific about what is wrong and how it should look

Asevedo: Whitenoise, because that’s not your selector.

Port: Whitenoise, You used “#leftNavTab #threeLines button:hover” and the button has the id threeLines, whereas the selector is looking for a button inside of an element with the ID threeLines.

Hickenbottom: Rainier: #leftNavTab #threeLines:hover seems to not work either

Carraturo: The background remains grey

Dorvillier: Rainier: ah, i think my colors are messed up in the hover block. one sec

Mcmanemy: Rgb 34 34 34 is #222222

Stanzione: If that has been the problem all along, i hate myself.

Jarnesky: Hm, nope, still doesn’t go to gold.

Lovec: Whitenoise how do I get this Tardie behind the menu? I got it to go behind the nav text but I cant figure out the z-index to make it go behind menu

Emmrich: Http://skyfiredesign.net/safariwire

Badget: Don’t ask me, i’m a systems engineer.

Veneman: Therealemerson: if you have a question, ask the entire channel

Detrolio: Whitenoise, aw : but once you know it you can do quite a lot of stuff with it. I won’t say it’s perfect, but it does a decent job.

Margheim: Why is it not perfect for you?

Kinnare: Margheim: give nav positiion: relative; and a z-index lesser than whatever the Tardie has, you have a z-index, but that only works within a positioned scheme

Margheim: Yes i gave nav position relative and that is the solution. what im not understanding is why does it have that effect. i have pitched the whole z-index strategy,

Huesso: Hmm actually, you want the Tardie behind the nav. so give just give the nav the position: relative; it already has a non-sense value of 999 for the z-index anyway

Margheim: Brompt can u refresh page, i have removed the Tardie, but can u just a scope of how i wanted it to look, but now i want to interject the Tardie, without keeping the logo and the menu from displaying as blocks.

Saens: Margheim: same reason why span src=”pinnochio.jpeg” wouldn’t work, just the src attribute, only works within a context, if it isn’t an image or audio or video or an element that uses it, than it would nothing, same goes for z-index

Rompf: I have two divsdivA and divB. DivA seems to be overlapping with DivB due to having set position relative and top: x%. How do i make it so that moving DivA doesnt make it overlap with DivB.