Decoux: i dont have.

Vonderkell: Salle: The difference of them, it’s that User will view a website, and Employee will view a dashboard, where on it, Employee can see User’s informations

Clyatt: Brunoalano: What users see has little to do with how data is stored and in what tables

Zehnpfennig: Salle: In pratice, the User will have only a signup form. The Employee will see what User has inserted on that

Clyatt: Brunoalano: End users should not know about tables and what is store in which table

Revils: Salle: Sure, User won’t know

Brancaccio: Salle: The problem in this design, it’s that I can’t merge them, because both have different and essential relationships. Employee has Roles. User has username slug.

Clyatt: Brunoalano: Roles belong to another table

Gazo: Employee belongs to Role

Clyatt: Brunoalano: Single role?

Spach: Salle: No, sorry, it’s a habtm relation has and belongs to many

Clyatt: Brunoalano: You have several ways to store such data. If users and employees share lot of common data name, email, address, phone etc. you can put that in separate table like Person

Stockard: Salle: Yeah, I’ve created a “Account” table with email, p***word, reset_p***word_token, .

Clyatt: Brunoalano: Ok Account.

Pettigrove: Salle: But I don’t know if this is the best pratice, since they share the same area in the application

Clyatt: Brunoalano: “area in the applictation”?

Segar: Salle: User’s will see a single page website, like a CMS. Employee will see a Dashboard, with some metrics, CRUD operations

Clyatt: Brunoalano: No matter how you store the data in the database it is client application task to separate users from employees

Clyatt: Brunoalano: pseudo codeIF the account is User show him user_page.html ELSEIF account is Employee show him employee_page.html ELSE show error /pseudocode

Clyatt: Brunoalano: It does not matter if the employees and users are stored together or not

Bucheli: Salle: But it’s a good pratice to store both type of Account’s in the same table?

Levine: Brunoalano: Could it be that the account type is a “property” of Persons? “How do you define your database’s entities”-ish style of thinking.

Batarse: Slartibart :

Clyatt: Brunoalano: Once again no matter if you store both types of accounts together or not it is application responcibility to separate them

Clyatt: Brunoalano: You can store common information together and spread the type-specific information to multiple other tables, but in any case it is up to the application to distinct between them and provide different interface to different type of accounts

Lopas: Just trying to move my datadir and feel like i am missing somthign simple. Googled the hell out of it but have done all found recommended steps. chmod -R 777 MYSQL/ ; chown -R mysql:mysql MYSQL/ but no go. wont allow me to su to mysql for sake of x11 auth. copied all of /var/lib/mysql with cp -rp from var/lib/mysql.

Kaliher: I am missing something simple i am sure.

Coriaty: I opened it up just to try

Flournay: Others changed user to root but now ay.

Kachiroubas: Left all other conf in place and works fineerror log is 13 of course which is perms.

Nicarry: Moving datadir reference back to /var/lib/mysql works of course.

Wieto: Is there any issue with mdadm for mysql? perticularly RAID5? and, is there any other permissions outside of general linux mysql requires?

Merryweather: Know am being dumb, how?

Clyatt: Musawshe: apparmor or selinux depending on your distro

Clyatt: Musawshe: Well . perror 13 is always about “permissions denied” so you have to find out what it is

Braun: How many fields is too many fields?

Longin: I think i need about 90

Wolper: Decoux: funny i was just reading about that

Sundholm: Decoux: i dont have situation like employee and department though. i have stat table. id, stat1, stat2, stat3, stat4, . stat 90