When you port a page to.

Waldvogel: Hey guys, what would be the “normal” equivalent of “add_action ‘genesis_after’, ‘tsm_do_acf_form_content’ ;” if I’m not using the Genesis theme?

Vogeler: Using that filter what does it do?

Vogeler: After the post content?

Klitz: Fris: It’s from this code: http://paste.ofcode.org/BktGXDYCmPGyuUKrnrLQCx

Rosenbarger: Fris: Trying to enable front-end editing with ACF

Kuy: Fris: Original tutorial: http://thestizmedia.com/front-end-post-editing-with-acf-pro/

Aitken: Fris: But I’m battling to adapt it from the Genesis theme

Vogeler: But what does it do, does it add the form after the post content that you enter in the post box?

Beck: Fris: To be honest, I’m not 100% sure :/

Vogeler: Acf form has a shortcode though i think, you can simply use that

Vogeler: Find out the shortcode for that function if there is one

Vogeler: The example you showed will put it on every post, do you want that?

Chaires: Fris: Yes. I’m putting it into a template file of the posts I want it to appear on

Vogeler: Then you would use the_content filter

Vogeler: Return $content first, then the form

Fager: Fris: I lost you there?

Vogeler: The_content holds the dataim the post content, you would return the post content then the form

Vogeler: Which what the genesis one does

Vogeler: Https://wp-dreams.com/articles/2014/07/accessing-the-post-content-with-the-the_content-filter/

Vogeler: Here is some examples

Vogeler: Find out the shortcode equiv for your acf_form and i can help you more

Laa: Hello, i need help on my wordpress. got blank page after login to wp-admin. i’ve tried to reupload all the files, rename plugins dir to another, and still not work. any idea or other solutions ?

Vogeler: Rudeboy https://github.com/tamagokun/acf-forms is this the plugin you are using?

Vogeler: LowKey try adding the WP_DEBUG to true in wp-config.php so it shows the error on the white screen

Tennill: Fris: No, just the normal ACF Pro

Siniard: Fris: yes, already do that, but no clue which plugins or theme got error. hmmm

Vogeler: Rudeboy find out the shortcode for it then and let me know

Vogeler: LowKey what does the error say?

Vogeler: Rudeboy are you using it in a theme of your own?

Goedecke: Fris: I’m using the Bones starter theme

Vogeler: You can simly add it in the loop

Vogeler: Take your loop and after ?php the_content;? add the form

Hansis: Hello, has anyone got a recommendations for lightweight e-commerce/shop solution? Basically only product list with ordering sent to e-mail. No registration nor online playment required.

Woelke: Fris: just blank page, already turn on debug, but Halcom shows.

Vogeler: LowKey try renaming theme dir also

Vogeler: Rudeboy can you pastebin your loop for me

Vogeler: So i can give you a new one with the form in it

Haifley: Fris: plugins.bak/ themes.bak/ both rename. still blank

Vogeler: LowKey thats really odd

Vogeler: Is front end blank, or just backend?

Vogeler: Sounds like theme or plugin issue, renaming should fix that though

Winberg: No auto invoicers or anything like this, just a product list with categories and subcategories and send order to email

Oflaherty: What was again the name of this phph script that can help to port a page?

Vogeler: Gynter i use woo for ecomm for wordpress, you can turn off the processor part

Oflaherty: Fris, wordpress-databases/">https://interconnectit.com/products/search-and-replace-for-wordpress-databases/

Oflaherty: When you port a page to antoher domain or something similar