I’m trying to implement the.

Galas: Mattila: I use it to get the element relative to the body http://pastebin.com/ffFwkGX8

Rinks: Mattila: I get a zero in the console, but nothing happenes

Mattila: That element does not belong to the icon

Mattila: So the find doesn’t find anything

Coache: Mattila: This is the HTML: http://pastebin.com/K2VqMQku

Mattila: No, you just moved it to the body

Mattila: You found it and appended it to the body

Mattila: It no longer is nested

Mattila: Regardless of where it was

Cathie: Mattila: I don’t understand what you mean, are you talking about the .project-info variable?

Mattila: Yes, you found them all, and appended them to body. that moved them out of any nesting and directly under body

Mattila: So the $this.find will not find it

Mattila: Unless ‘this’ is body

Thach: Mattila: Ugh, you’re right! How can I make the variable relate to the body – it has to pop-out and then be like a dialog, if you understand what I mean? It’s now realting to the article

Mattila: Well first, why are you moving them?

Dunsing: Mattila: Bcuz I want that section to be like a pop-up dialog

Mattila: You can make anything like a popup dialog

Hevessy: Any difference between .trim.val and .val.trim ?

Mattila: It’s nesting doesn’t really matter, unless it affects placement on the screen

Mattila: Hurry: val.trim would be more appropriate

Mattila: Your trimming a string

Mattila: Trim should return a string, so val should be unnecessary and also undefined

Asmussen: Mattila: The thing is, it relates to the article which is 4/3 in columns, and bcuz I use transform effects on the article I’ve set the property to overflow:hidden;

Mattila: Ok, what i would suggest then is put some sort of data attribute on the element to relate them to the parent icon

Mattila: Or you could put a reference to the ***ociated dialog as a prop on the icon

Plamondon: Mattila: I’m not really following here, what you mean?

Mattila: So if you went the prop route you could do something to initialize like

Mattila: Ah, let me put this in the fiddle

Weidert: Alright, thanks so much for taking your time, bud!

Gutiennez: Anyone using jquery cycle?

Mattila: Vanbecelaere: http://jsfiddle.net/qvygryy7/1/

Mattila: So the idea here is to get the icon that is related to the specific dialog, move it, and then attach the reference to the element on the icon

Mattila: Then later when you want to use it, you can reference prop’dialog’ to get the related dialog to work with

Solis: Mattila: The “dialog” kinda looking is the .project-info and that’s the one I want to pop-up like a dialog looking section. But I still can’t get it to work out, I don’t really follow either what you’re trying to explain, sorry

Mattila: Vanbecelaere: http://jsfiddle.net/qvygryy7/2/

Vanaria: If i’m wanting to manipulate an SVG and have access to the svg code for export– what is the best library to use in your opinion? your being anyone!

Yates: Vanaria: you can always export the svg

Olubunmi: It is just about serializing the dom tree

Cullifer: What you might lose is interaction

Dirago: Depending on how they do that

Bissegger: Well if it is javascript hooked in to the svg

Vanaria: And so does this mean that other svg plugins just make it “easier” to export with some api?

Samet: Exporting the dom won’t capture that

Illescas: I’m trying to implement the example from bootstrap-table. I have a problem with the function “operateEvents”. It define on window.operateEvents line 195 . somebody could tell me what could be wrong please ? it’s complaining that operateEvents is not present. Here is the example : https://github.com/wenzhixin/bootstrap-table-examples/blob/master/welcome.html thanks by advance.