Hrmm i love this cnet.

Calhoun: Where would i put this

Zeme: I just completely dont understand wordpress

Arrott: And someone needs my help

Hausler: Does the button come from a template or database, that’s the question

Morguson: Most likely a template

Hausler: The markup can come from either

Fina: Im betting on template

Hausler: Wp-content/themes/theme in use/

Hausler: Then you need to figure out in what kind of page the button is showin

Lanphear: Is this in the wordpress panel or are we talking directories

Dearmore: Would there be any way to do this thru the panel?

Hausler: Accessing theme files and removing the button from the template completely would be the best solution in my opinion

Hausler: Hiding with JS or CSS sounds like a hack

Hausler: Especially if someone wants to get the button back later

Hausler: If the current theme allows, you can inject css through the panel and hide it there using the selector, yes

Kobylarz: Didnt know i could just access the theme

Stainbach: Is there a discussion chat plugin for wordpress?

Kalsow: There is everything for wordpress

Slomka: Most just iframe it in.

Poncedeleon: Iframe is too ugly for my liking

Mannon: There, CB site now runs on twentysixteen =

Mumaw: Elektrinis,

Marsland: Yeah, I already checked those

Bezdicek: Not really discussion clients mostly

Blare: Many are outdated or require shady registrations

Delmoro: Yeah, one is 7+ years outdated. :S

Delmoro: You use WP-discussion? If so, how was it?

Trattner: Where does the wp_head; take it’s contents?

Abbey: When I set image to 360px x 250px and leave crop to false

Saleeby: Krisostoomus: from header.php

Parquette: Add_image_size ‘some-thumbnail’, 360, 250 ;

Cioffi: It resizes the image to the width, but disregards the height

Mastrianni: And the image becomes 300×250

Rogness: It’s written in header.php

Bashford: How can I use add_image_size function so it wouldn’t produce images less than the declared pixel values?

Relyea: Krisostoomus, header.php is showing you where the content for that page is located. Look inside.

Staggers: Fin wordpress community. you cant get anything out.

Steinway: I explained the problem

Stubbolo: PrintForever: By declaring $crop as true

Hylinski: Original image is 2560 × 1920, when I apply add_image_size ‘some-thumbnail’, 360, 250 ;, the image becomes 250 in height, but the width is smaller than 360px

Goans: You did, you get wrong sizes, provide us some code.

Bevan: If it’s not true, the image will be resized proportionally until both width and height are = the max size

Goans: I was just going to type that 😀

Bowyer: But the problem is that until it reaches maximum height, it reduces the width

Duin: Those are your options, last alternative is to actually upload images that are proportional to the end result you want

Goans: But that should work as long as you don’t add true it shoudn’t crop

Goans: PrintForever

Goans: What happends if you set it to false

Trest: Thank you Goans and Clorith

Volckmann: I still cant get it to work

Goans: Http:// When I want to let a user update those values themeself when they are logged in to wp-admin,

Goans: Should I write a plugin for something like that?

Knoll: Problem is that images are all different sizes

Peplau: I’m trying to get a page to use a template. the slug is “the-example-slug” and its in a subdirectory of the themes folder. Does it have to be in the root of the theme folder?

Tena: Hi, If my theme have a custom post-type. events. And I want to change something for that page it says it uses post post-new.php?post_type=events which file in my theme would that be? I dont have any in the theme-root that is called events.php

Blowe: Hearing: what are you asking — how to add or modify an event or what?

Cocco: Tip if you plan on someone sending you bitcoin, and want to use it right away, dont use bit coin core :p

Vogeler: Hrmm i love this cnet feature, how when you view the video, and you scroll down the article, the video moves into the bottom left corner still playing