What do you mean? its quite.

Marston: Jeffrin for what type of content?

Hengen: Moises_: text related

Mettee: Moises_: not only text , but video also

Lease: Moises_: asciinema related content

Canoy: I use various plugins to paginate over posts

Branton: Perhaps it can help you

Surman: So I was looking around some plugins and I stumbled across this one called media wall, which seems really cool, but it doesn’t exactly work! so not cool, is there a way that I can actually allow users to post media to my front page template?

Zarling: This is overall what I am wanting to achieve

Londono: I want to make it so the users can upload links and text and media to my front page, from the front page

Menapace: Can someone recommend a video blog theme?

Pittsenbarger: Is there by chance a plugin that would allow me to load a post automatically as it is posted?

Forbach: E.g. kind of like a wall type

Grisham: Blahkat: Do you mean that whe na new post is made, the front page updates with the latest post added for whoever is viewing it ?

Rosian: Did ACF used to offer the repeater field for free? Trying to correct an issue on an older site that someone who didn’t know what they were doing messed up. The issue is where the repeater field was, it says “field does not exist” and there’s no option for that. I’m thinking they updated the plugins and now we have to pay for it or something?

Keneipp: I want to allow users to post content to my site, then turn the posts into RSS, then display that as an auto updating formatted RSS feed

Karimi: At least I think thats what i need to do

Brownie: Also I am downgrading to 4.2 as I see 4.3 has big issues with rss

Felux: A newsletter, which allows for signup like in the image? multiple at once. http://oi60.tinypic.com/2v3k11k.jpg client is using cleverReach, but do i need to suggest something else, to get this?

Liebl: Does the mailing list provider provide the form, marduk1984 or are you using an API to talk to them to handle the signups?

Busman: Sterndata At CleverReach i make the ‘list’/categories and the forms. the forms is only asking ‘Into which list shall the subscriber be added to?’. i then add the API from cleaverReach into there wordpress plugin. the plugin can now get the form i created at there website

Sherrill: Marduk1984: that sounds like the right approach

Levario: Form1 = signup for category1. form2 = signup for category2. how would i make this as in the image? need a new form with them all in

Krein: Essentially, you’re asking “how do I make an image the equivalent of a checkbox.”

Dioneff: Sort of like how you can do multiple selects in the media library

Athans: Im asking, how do i combine multiple forms from cleverreach. form1 contains a signup for category1 = email, name and subscribe button. same does all the other categories. if i put all these forms on 1 page, then i can subscribe to 1 at a time. but how do i make 1 button subscribe to them all? 1 button has to look at each of the selected checkboxes and know a lot more, then the code they gave

Cogen: Might be simple if i had to make the checkboxes and do my own sql etc. but they made this

Elmer: Marduk1984: good question. As I said, each image is the equivalent of a checkbox. OR, could you just put a checkbox in the center of a div where the image is the background for the div and the submit button sits centered below them?

Gulke: I was hoping for a nicer solution or maybe some other service they could use?

Humble: Marduk1984: I’ve only worked with constant contact and mailchimp; neither has the image interface you want. You’re going to have to do some coding. I think the form option I suggest is probably not very programming intensive — just a crapload of CSS.

Bon: Hi all! do somebody know how can i do a search/filter according to post author metadata? ex: i’ve got a list of posts and i want to see only the ones from a certain country

Ogwynn: Are there specific guidelines for css in wp?

Webre: What do you mean? its quite free, it depends a lot from the theme you use