Tcsc: take a look a line 89.

Lamie: Withem: a timer, maybe?

Lamie: Or you could use a service worker, I guess

Withem: Lamie: How would you use a timer,? I don’t get it.

Withem: Lamie: To check every 10s for instance what the url is?

Withem: Lamie: Isn’t that a bit dirty? :/ I mean : Isn’t there a way to detect url change and bind a function to such event?

Lamie: You could set up a service worker, I think

Lamie: That’d be able to monitor fetches

Withem: Lamie: I’ll check this out, thank you!

Tynes: Withem why not just request the log yourself?

Kubecka: For apps with a crap ton of options/arguments that run on the command line. what are some things that make the apps more intuitive or easier to use?

Decrosta: If you run it repeatedly with the same set of settings, a config file

Wesby: I have seen a lot of projects have a .whateverrc file

Decrosta: Otherwise a good -h switch that describes the available options is good, can be split so that by default it shows the most common options, and by adding an additional switch it shows the more obscure options

Tonge: I do have a help output that lists all the options and their definitions. but maybe I should make that a verbose help and just have a list of options and their type for regular help

Diberardino: Under the video tag, what does preload=”metadata” do?

Shonka: Can someone help me to do wordpress pagination using ajax

Bowgren: How do I define a property on a ES2015 cl***? Not a getter funciton, not a ***ignment in constructior. Just a property, like in object literal: {myProperty: ‘someValue’}.

Fogerty: Lolmaus: like a static property? you do = baz

Fogerty: Lolmaus: there’s no syntax for it. it’s proposed for ES7 tho.

Flaker: Is there a way to make scrollIntoView smooth crossbrowser?

Withers: Anyone recommend a physics lib?

Dimariano: Is there a way to make a userscript weight for execution until the page is fully loaded?

Kurnik: I was thinking about going working out, so that kinda went through my brain :p

Harnden: How to see do***ents related to “wait” invoking the bot

Woodand: Smgs: Don’t feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching or You might also consider reading:

Klaiber: Http:// see the window.addEventListener “load”, Greasemonkey_main, false;

Breyfogle: Can I do a window.onload or would that not work with userscripts?

Harnden: Also if on Chrome you can use “Tampermonkey”

Katke: Hi. Anyone have experience with ImmutableJS ?

Tagupa: I read “Subscribing to data events throughout your application, by using Object.observe, or any other mechanism, creates a huge overhead of book-keeping which can hurt performance” but reading the whole immutable-js page

Degenhardt: The one thing I don’t understand is how to subscribe to changes in your data.

Thammavongsa: Im trying to draw on a canvas, but nothing is showing up. is there some type of thing i can do to reset the context to “normal” ?

Novakovich: That has not helped :

Jui: How do you get a list of canvas objects that are currently held in the javascript engine?

Klaiber: You can easily get a list of canvas element in the DOM

Pinnock: Anyone used Matter.js ?

Devincenzo: I have a promise that needs to p***ed to another function as an argument. How is this possible?

Scandrett: I have a checkbox input and the .value property seems to be “on” wether I check it or not. How do i turn this element into a boolean value?

Dembek: Tcsc: take a look a line 89 in my script file