I’m using window.open for.

Hainley: Hello everyone. Why does not work? http://pastebin.com/ugKkj7vq HTML: http://pastebin.com/SAU1eWki

Braund: Pazician: what are you trying to do?

Aceituno: Guessx: Replace 1,2,3,4,5 to start

Insognia: Well your overwriting the whole entry

Farrugia: So no need to replace

Latour: Guessx: I’m not really following here, what you mean?

Martt: Well everything in your span is being removed as your overwriting it

Collella: Guessx: No, not really – it’s all there, like nothing happened. No idea why tho

Demotta: Thats the way the code reads to me

Hocutt: No point doing newText

Guridi: Guessx: I just tried the one you suggested and nothing at all happened, the numbers are still there and nothing has been added to the HTML.?

Seratti: Are you trying to overwrite the whole thing, or change each href number to a star?

Robben: Guessx: I’m trying in the front-end to show Font-Awesome stars and not the numbers, it still has to add the rating in the db

Mowder: Pazician: $’.stars span a’.eachfunction{$this.html’i cl***=”fa fa-star”/i’;} each number replaced with a star?

Kinningham: Guessx: Still numbers appearing and nothing has been added to the HTML :/

Heinitz: Pazician: comment out your 3 lines, and is jQuery loaded?

Samuel: Guessx: The console.log doesn’t run, but outside it’s running http://pastebin.com/7HpUJ9GL

Belknap: So it has to be something wrong with the function or similar

Esqueda: Pazician, is jQuery loaded?

Dellacioppa: Https://jsfiddle.net/n5vwrLv1/ – added a delay in so you could see the text before it disappears, if you inspect the results tab it did what i told it to do

Scot: Guessx: Yes, you’re right! But I don’t understand what’s wrong with mine tho

Holbein: If you only use html you dont need each, it has its own

Kwasnik: Decx: Alright, thank you. The thing is it’s not working alone, it’s working fine inside the setTimeout function w/o it’s not working at all

Bordes: Decx: It’s already in a domready

Holbein: Then check your console. putting it in a timeout is wrong

Lemery: Whats the jquery way to smoothly scoll to the bottom of the page?

Reith: Decx: There’s no errors in the console

Thomaston: Is it wrong to iclude jquery in the top of the do***ent?

Colomb: Ive seen many ppl say that you should include before the closing body tag

Granai: But is that only for script that accualy “interact” with the website

Heynen: Can someone help me please geth this to work properly? – http://jsfiddle.net/m6d7ze0f/

Szychowski: It’s not supposed to replace the letters in the HTML only the text

Cool: It was working before I made it case insensitive

Stellato: I have small question. I actualy use filesaver and html2canva to save a div to a .

Meyette: But I would like to know if there is a way to . “capture” the div trhought time and save as an animated gif

Madill: Hi friends, i have: div id=”test” onclick=”123″X/div, div id=”test” onclick=”456″X/div. can i hide by onclick value? like onclick=”789″? all div have same id.

Labarr: Find by attr and hide,

Schaer: Qiller, not with the same id but with the same cl*** you can

Leubner: CapnKlutch: cant i find by attr onclick value? like $’onclick=”789″‘.hide;

Kienitz: Has anyone worked with DataTables extensively before? I’m having issues reinitializing a DataTables generated table after it has initialized empty

Flyzik: I was wondering how to safely initialize a DT table when there potentially is no data

Angon: CapnKlutch: its work! =D using attr tag.

Weisenberg: I’m using window.open for something, and it opens a window in a new tab. Is there a way to programmatically force that to be a pop up in a new window? Or is that all up to the browser?