Well the path to the file.

Colgan: You’re the one who brought up unrealistic application for this particular project 10k users uploading content all at once for a site that barely makes sense

Meder: It happens with mp3’s and music

Wentzel: And an etsy style arc

Toot: I know what an average 6gb server running wordpress can and cant do when it comes to content

Cottle: You’re overthinking it

Cottle: You’re not going to have 10k users online at the same time in first months

Israelson: Nope, but eventually down the line you will.

Mehrotra: Thats why you . SCALE

Cottle: Sure. But, again, you can still scale it.

Brazzel: If you have that many users and still no budget, you’re doing it wrong

Derman: So you are saying microservice is not the way to go with something like that?

Nagler: Impliednude: i never said that. In fact, i said the opposite multiple times

Lecy: But whatever. this convo is lost on you.

Rodden: Absolutely LindsayMac

Tu: I agree. I guess I am lost. and she Scavotto if you must know

Cottle: Scavotto, well, “Lindsay”!

Veeser: Impliednude: i didnt say I needed to know

Salvucci: Znf: 1 its a username 2 Lindsay / Lindsey can be male or female name

Kinkle: Znf: Lindsey Buckinham ?

Woolcock: Anyways, anyone know why even with correct ch****t and db collation, etc. post created with a hyperlink in it are injecting ? into the database.

Erlwein: Impliednude: wrong file encoding on the php files / the page it self

Seigle: Jiron I checked that sadly and it didn’t fix anything. which ****s

Mckusick: Found a fix. nevermind

Lokan: Scavotto: don’t forget buckingham palace.

Sole: Pplz, why is my handler not adding the file to media library ?

Debella: wordpress-not-adding-files-properly-to-media-library">Http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32489170/wordpress-not-adding-files-properly-to-media-library

Traher: What’s wrong with the handler dafu?

Ehrismann: So hard to find something that jsut works

Jeng: How’s the rage quit score today?

Vagas: She doesn’t even want to kiss me anymore

Zdanowicz: She went berserk when giving me wp_die

Dostal: And I tried to make it up to her.

Strayhand: Jeng: dont waste your breath with this dude/

Antonucci: We’re here to help eachother right?

Jeng: I sat down at the computer with the feeling that I needed to do something important but I have no freaking idea what that might be right now.

Peroddy: Jeng: can u check out my problem pls?

Quails: wordpress-not-adding-files-properly-to-media-library">Http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32489170/wordpress-not-adding-files-properly-to-media-library

Martinelli: Oh look, we have mutes in the room, might as well shut down the channel

Jeng: You’ve been whacking on that thing all day. What do you get if you do a print_r of $movefile?

Dedeke: Jeng: now u’r talkin’

Gagon: Jeng: it’s a real dread this thing

Daloisio: Can i just do a var_dump instead?

Jeng: Some say tomato, some say potato

Cottle: I just error_log them

Jeng: Is the purpose of this function to upload a logo?

Depetro: Jeng: http://pasteboard.co/wnt0IKo.png

Jeng: Well, that’s not good, is it?

Jeng: So, look at the valuse your p***ing to wp_handle_upload

Bergmann: That’s where it all goes wrong I suppose

Jeng: So what *should* be in $_FILES?

Engnath: I’m kinda noob to PHP

Jeng: So you’re just copying and pasting random sh*t?

Pereda: Well the path to the file should be in there