What? my “view process”..

Scowden: You can say all you want but respectfuly this is happening

Udicious: Thomedy: its still basically an etsy for musicians

Taecker: Im really not here to get in a battle over the idea itself only if word press can handle it

Kalandek: Or if im going to write it myself

Valrie: If you could write it yourself you would have already. time it would take is around 2-3 months

Fremming: Thomedy: thats all fine and well but if you want to know if WP can handle something you should have a solid idea of what it is it needs to be handling.

Reker: I know this because I have built as proof of concept a similiar idea

Wildin: I can write myself but it would take along time in fact i was just about to write all but im trying to avoid it

Huso: So to clarify, you need an etsy-like setup where people can set up stores and sell their own products. correct?

Fitsgerald: Thomedy: have you looked at buddypress stuff for the collab?

Lighthall: Im on it right now thank you laekrits

Kuprewicz: Laekrits I incorporated something similiar

Mensik: Thomedy to answer your question the site will stall with around 2k members on it

Surman: If you’re going to build something etsy then you’re better off building a microservice infra

Doore: Impliednude: not if its built well and has good hosting. Theres loads of m***ive WordPress installs out there.

Blau: Scavotto it’s not the built well part. it’s the logistics behind each post + security acl’s.

Voiles: Which puts a heavy toll on the database

Dimmer: Impliednude: are you aware of the huge sites that use WP to power their content?

Oda: Like the washington post?

Pasillas: Scavotto I am VERY aware of the huge sites that use wp to power it

Herington: Its totally possible to scale a WP install.

Prchal: Yes, but you’re better off using a microservice to handle it than wp. it’s not as if the dishing of the information. imagine if each user is writing, uploading mp3s, videos, etc. along with pictures. not imagine 10k people doing that ALL the time

Rufi: Impliednude: you mean like with CNN user generated content blogs?

Bussey: Hi, I have a problem with wordpress, where I’m trying to install themes

Guadeloupe: Sorry, I shouldn’t be so rash

Holeman: Scavotto, its money wasted. they have TONS of hardware backing them along with people who have developed special practices. which all cost TONS of money

Oxborrow: WordPress is using its FTP feature to download the theme files, and it is saving them to disk under the username “ftp”

Eleveld: As in, it’s creating the theme files as the user “ftp”, which is baffling in itself

Vansice: If tomedy there had the experience with developing he would have already created it a long time ago and not come in here asking if it is feasible

Pound: Then, it finds out that it has no permission to access the files owned by the user “ftp”

Interiano: And if he had the $$$ those places had, he wouldn’t be asking in here either.

Blanquart: Im not specifically saying WP is the right thing for the job. its not wholly clear what the job even is.

Rodricks: I’m just saying. WordPress CAN scale.

Franks: WordPress.com is wordpress.

Kleinfelder: Scavotto, yes it can but not within budget for the average user.

Drahos: Impliednude: the average user isny going to have 10k users generating content. so its fine. Thats the purpose of scalable.

Polian: Start small and build up OR start large with a budget

Reen: But i agree. he’s not doing either of those things.

Jochumsen: Btw Scavotto, you decided you were going to go WAY in left field with your view process as if it was actually realistically applicable to the current situation and that just makes you out to be rude.

Zoeller: What? my “view process”. what are you even talking about?