I’m looking for a way to.

Nasalroad: Var a = “a”,”b”,”c”, b = a.slice; b.length=1; a, b

Wakley: Nasalroad: object ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’, ‘a’

Wakley: Trucchi: object ‘FOO’, ‘BAR’, ‘BAZ’

Pfanstiel: Can you set default function parametesr in es6 for { } obj params

Strauhal: B function test{thing: 2} { return thing; }; test

Zach: I have a function like this export function send{ phone, message }

Trucchi: Well you can use desetructuring

Trucchi: And do function{a, b=’foo’,c} { }

Trucchi: But if the function is called with nothing, that’ll be an error unless you do function{a, b=’foo’,c}={} { }

Trucchi: In that instance I prefer to just do functionobj={} { var {a, b, c} = obj;.}

Trucchi: Though I guess then you lose the default property aspect

Trucchi: Unless you do var {a, b, c} = Object.***ign{defPropA, defPropB, .}, obj

Trucchi: Schaetzle: hey who killed Kochel?

Softich: Dekok: in the case, that i’m splitting up the strings into multiple lines for code formatting / style and not for the functionality of having multiple lines. do you still suggest using .join without the split by n param obviously? or just not doing that in general.

Vandevelde: It just looks terrible when there are really long lines just because of a string

Artman: Or maybe i’m just freaking out and deal w/ long lines instead

Trucchi: Why don’t you just make your editor do word wrapping?

Johanson: Can you do ‘hello’ == ‘hi’

Szuch: To see if they are the same

Trucchi: Django_: sure, but I recommend using === instead of ==. == will usually work, but it allows type coercion, which can lead to confusing results.

Wakley: Trucchi: boolean true

Wakley: Trucchi: boolean false

Cupstid: That may be a good point

Feijoo: Django_: you should open the chrome console and test out these things you’re asking

Raciti: Tejasmanohar: why not use a code beautifier that can wrap your code appropriately?

Leask: Austincheney: beautifier?

Cincotta: I just turned on word wrap like Trucchi mentioned. i wans’t thinking.

Zucco: I thought you were talking about long JavaScript strings

Riska: Just finished editing the last video for my JS unit testing course

Riska: It took a while but all the content is finally ready to go =

Macleod: Zomg: you going to put it up on youtube or vimeo?

Riska: I’m hosting it on Wistia

Riska: It’ll be available on my site once I get the sales page and such set up

Dipiero: Zomg: is this for something like egghead.io?

Riska: Perhaps one day : But right now I don’t have any other courses planned, just want to make sure this is the best it can be

Riska: Well not sure if you meant to put that here, but I think you can run a nameserver locally and configure that to do something wonky with it

Dudik: WadedataTagsSpliti.toLowerCase.indexOfsplitInputdummy.toLowerCase!=-1

Mchaney: Error: wadedataTagsSpliti.toLowerCase is not a function

Landi: I use the webdev-tools of chromium to debug javascripts

Dozois: How can I save/export what is shown in the devtools as txt-files?

Kiesow: Can you not use an array with .toLowerCase?

Entrikin: Is there a way to get the js-error-messages from the browser to a txt-file?

Azzara: I was wondering if I could set up a browser-session share so that someone from my lan can access a site using a live session of my browser through a sync of sorts

Fumagalli: Together.js might help

Ninos: Schaetzle: I have the following in the header to avoid always refreshing the website: meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”20″

Mawhinney: I’m looking for a way to generate a txt-file automaticaly using the dev-tools of a browser