We shouldn’t be helping.

Gilfillan: Sachez: my mom couldn’t tell an ip address from a wet paper bag.

Thonney: Sachez: i would recommend learning how to make a child theme, it’s as easy as one folder and 1 file

Barnwell: I am so bad at this :/

Sachez: Latrina: in *what* style.css file? Do not directly edit your theme files because edits will get blown away when/if the theme updates.

Sachez: Hence, using the custom css plugin

Schwering: I will use that plugin than

Alvaro: You chose the wrong selector

Kirkpatrick: I was adding it on the main theme css

Sachez: Latrina: or create a child theme as anna suggests

Sachez: Do you want it vertical only when the screen is narrow?

Farland: You typed #footer-horizontal-menu ul li a{ display:block; } not #footer-horizontal-menu ul li { display:block; }

Brass: I will at some point, but right now I just need to make this easy fix

Sachez: It’s like a round tuit

Gilfillan: Yep, just keeps revolving

Longfellow: Hey guys. I’m having trouble getting WP to create a directory in the uploads directory for me during my custom plugin installation process: wp_mkdir_pjoinDS, arraywp_upload_dir’basedir’, ‘podcasts’;

Sachez: The round tuit is mythical; no one ever gets a round tuit.

Sachez: Checkit: do you get an error?

Gilfillan: Life, every so often, presents us with the opportunity to change bad habits into good ones. most don’t like this though ; too comfy making mistakes.

Sachez: Meantime, watching Jorma and Jack at the Jefferson Airplane tribute from this year’s Lockin Festival. Those old guys can really rock.

Lehew: Latrina: https://abjt.uk/i/0w18d.jpg

Gilfillan: Sachez: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0OX_8YvFxA

Sokal: Anna: this is what I want to achieve, more or less. I will also want to move the website made by down the menu

Gilfillan: Just learned that this weekend

Strzelecki: Gosh I know Benzing about web coding .

Arko: I wish I didn’t offer my help with this website

Sachez: Opsec: Cool! I heart Heart

Osterberger: Latrina: yer but you’re trying and that is enough

Gilfillan: Sachez: i’ve been on a heart kick for the last month or so

Gilfillan: I’ve learned 60% of the little queen album. lovin’ it.

Gilfillan: And on that ♪ . off to meet with a client

Datko: Where precisely did you put the CSS we suggested Latrina?

Hubbel: At the very end of the style.css

Marie: In the tessrac theme folder

Viele: You did type it correctly

Kamelamela: Add !important at the end

Lanciotti: Latrina: this is very bad practice but you may wish to use #footer-horizontal-menu ul li { display:block!important; } note that !important sits directly after block with no space between the two

Mcdonough: It’s being over ridden

Tschoepe: Or edit the existing one

Sachez: If you user the custom css plugin, it will load that after all other CSS files are loaded, so !important shouldn’t be necessary

Tsuzuki: Sachez: I have installed right now, I will give it a look in a sex

Phung: No you typed it wrong

Tschoepe: Latrina if you have to edit, its this file http://www.ainpu.it/wp-content/themes/Tesseract/css/footer-banner.css?ver=1.0.0

Tschoepe: Then just do display:block; in the aformentioned section

Tschoepe: It say inline-block right now

Cephus: We shouldn’t be helping them hack around with a theme tbh, we should be advocating using a child theme or worse case a plugin. Doesn’t tesseract have a place in the wordpress backend for adding custom css? Otherwise look here Latrina: http://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.stackexchange.com/questions/195591/how-to-create-child-theme-with-tesseract-theme