This is not the kind of.

Tschoepe: Ya but they already said that and been through it

Kissling: This is the equiv of sitting in #postfix and helping someone setup an open relay because they CBA to learn authentication methods, neither actually ultimately helps them

Coppes: Yes i’m with anna . if the person can’t follow instructions to do it the right way then that is where you suggest they simply hire someone and just use the theme as is

Lorange: Do someone know about a very good hosting company ? I want a low cost and still good perfomance VPS

Boswink: Linode, every. time. or Vultr /possibly/ but they haven’t been around as long as a VPS and their parent company’s reputation is middling

Blane: Lukianov: you realize low cost never equals “very good quality”

Mac: Lukianov: i suppose it depends on what your idea of “low cost” is. but you get what you pay for.

Goodman: LindsayM_: yep! of course

Brookens: I found some for 10 – 15$ a month

Pulcher: Lukianov: so if you know that. t

Tartaglia: With data center in Europe

Barriault: Lukianov: honestly. this is really kind of OT for this room TBH

Stearne: Lukianov: get a $10buck a month Linode

Tschoepe: Http://

Tschoepe: Not vps but same diff

Myron: LindsayM_: Yes maybe, I just wonder if some other WP Dev here present use VPS

Brodie: Anna: aie. Kimsufi is an OVH’s brand

Weinberg: And OVH service ****s.

Sperry: Lukianov: we try to keep the room on topic. Especially when it comes to “which host is best” questions.

Killary: I tell it by experience

Sachez: Lukianov: linode, digitial ocean

Thrope: Single core, 24GB SSD, 1GB. i run a small discussed, discussion services, 2 dozen websites, a big purchase order system from mine and it’s

Tschoepe: Ive had ovh for my personal site for ~6 years never needed to contact support

Tschoepe: But i know it has a bad rep so yeah

Boxell: Lukianov: i have no idea why you’re addressing me i don’t use OVH

Ockman: Anna: sorry,, my mistake. I wanted to tell it to poiz

Lepisto: LindsayM_: You’re right! sorry for the disgression.

Acosta: Then I have a question about a WP way to do thing.

Iskra: Hopefully my english will make sense.

Mccleve: How do you create a new callback function?

Vanderwoude: Let’s say, to receive the Google OAuth API authorization code

Pelo: Lukianov: callback from what?

Baranow: LindsayM_: let’s say from the Google API

Balmaceda: Lukianov: not sure what you’re asking here

Ciaburri: For instance, if you want to use OAuth

Hemanes: You need to input a callback URL for Google to send back the authorization code

Blais: And i’d like to register a new URL

Swarthout: Ex:

Holts: Lukianov:

Verdone: LindsayM_: thanks ; so no way to avoid REGEX. ?

Douillet: After updatin to 4.3.1, my Media Library will not load, it just spins. Anyone experience this issue?

Rhett: Sorry guys I had the technician that came over to fix the laundry machine

Ditzler: LindsayM_: it is a website I have done for free and as little learning curve

Weynand: LindsayM_: cause I’m not a big REGEX fan

Hemler: I have no interest in learning web coding and it isn’t up to me to hiring somebody else to fix the website

Larche: Latrina: its only a learning curve if you’re willing to LEARN

Groszkiewicz: Douillet: any errors?

Kojima: This is not the kind of answer I give to someone who needs help when deploying wherever network or storage service