How can I get unicode.

Corona: God I dont know why I didnt think about this earlier

Corona: 2hrs scouring the internet to find a solution lol. thx Alexendoo

Goerlitz: I have two right floats and a left float, but the left float won’t start until the bottom of the right float, apparently because of float rule 5. is there anything i can do about this?

Tolosky: What exactly do you want to achieve? jackmcbarn

Corona: Is there a way to make the font size responsive to the size of the div which is responsive itself. Currently I am using the vmax unit vmin didn’t fit in this situation

Delbo: With javascript SirPacha

Corona: Any ways to do that with CSS only?

Behrenwald: Of course, but not the way you think of

Mosena: If you’d be willing to target the device / screen size, yes, but not the div

Otterholt: So, here’s an interesting one, my caret in this example is a css shape. I’ve wrapped it with a gray-background cl***, how can I make the wrapper extend to the edge of the padding of the dropdown?

Lossman: Didn’t get what you mean Respek

Fredericksen: Well, I can’t distort the custom-caret cl*** right?

Penney: Else, I will distort the css triangle shape

Gowda: So, my thinking is, wrap the caret, and set said wrapper to be the gray background, only, the background only goes as far as the edge of the padding of the parent it’d seem

Cumens: Czaplewski negative margin perhaps?

Corona: Respek, with my issue, still using the vmax unit, is there a way to limit the text to get overflow outside of the div? and therefore resize itself

Weyman: Czaplewski adding neg margin to the right edges it to the right side, but getting past the top / bottom padding is an interesting issue

Movlin: I’m not sure I understand without seeing an example

Misiak: How do I get the full triangle SVG to appear fully in the background?

Chevez: The SVG viewbox is set properly, I have tried background-sizing

Vines: Can someone explain me how to use border-image-slice property?

Bhullar: MLM I don’t think I understand exactly what you’re hoping for

Decrosta: Can you describe the goal more?

Sheaff: Can someone explain me how to use border-image-slice property?

Corona: Respek, eventually when full screen, the vmax unit returns too large size and the text overflows the div.

Mehlhaff: I think your best bet then would be a media query which targets larger screen sizes then, and changes your vmax to a different, more appropriate number for that scale

Bucholz: Respek: So that the tiny .asdf div contains the full triangle, not part

Guzzetta: Corona hyphens:auto;

Wert: Czaplewski that’s not very well supported though

Shackley: MLM dont use SVG for that purpose. SVGs have an viewport property which can’t be changed if you use them as a background image

Corona: Hyphens:auto; ? doesnt that even exist?

Garton: Not in chrome at least

Buchser: Czaplewski: But I expect it to size that image appropriately and show what is in the viewport

Aycox: Hyphens is well suported, for chrome you have to use word-break

Diewold: Why is only a portion shown?

Ryba: Czaplewski well, negative margins and colored borders did the trick, though it’s hackey

Kromer: For example, why doesn’t background-size: contain; fit the triangle in the div area?

Dominga: MLM because its an SVG, use an img instead

Filla: This is odd, what’s going on with the left border of the caret? It looks like it’s a sliver at the bottom and top

Heuwinkel: I see that this relates:

Roaf: How can I get unicode characters to display in a text-input?