Use it to fix the links.

Dickstein: I think it’s probably unwise to mess with wp-config.

Laverdure: By putting it into wp-settings.php thats called directly after wp-config ?

Leonpacher: Which is too unwise to mess with ;

Dickstein: Like, if your solution is to edit wp-config.php, then either something has already gone wrong and you are doing disaster recovery, or you need to rethink your problem

Vannuck: I want to turn of debugging mode by pressing a button in the backend.

Kyte: Debugging code currently in wp config

Winchell: I think there are plugins available that switch debug mode on or off. did you search in the repo?

Wilcoxon: I would guess there most certainly is such a plugin

Donner: But generally I dont think its such a good idea, but just edit wp-config by hand those times you really need debugging

Peskind: Such a plugin wouldn’t be reliable though

Bawner: Since many debug events can occur before we eve nstart to load plugins

Cangemi: Unless said plugin wrote wp-config every time ๐Ÿ˜›

Cocco: You could halfhack it by making a index.debug.php and a wp-config.debug.php and route it with .htaccess

Achenbach: Thought there was a hook for wp config.php

Chasen: I think wp config gets loaded with every http request.

Mandich: Hi everyone! and f u opesc ahole

Mednis: I don’t think this is the language we want here, lenswipee

Flick: He is a rude ahole to everyone

Frenger: Your “welcome message” isn’t either.

Tipsword: Now stop that. please.

Coryea: Lenswipee is my second account. Good job opsec. Now you get banned.

Arteaga: Ollivierre: do something about this opsec guy!

Balm: Congrats lenswipee, you’ve earned a timeout, that was entirely uncalled for.

Owen: Someone remind me ot remove that mute in a day or so

Crouter: Unbelievable is all I got to say about that.

Artice: Sudo crontab -l -u Ollivierre mycron; echo “00 09 * * 1-5 echo ‘unmute lenswipee'” mycron; sudo crontab -u Ollivierre mycron; rm mycron

Pafford: Looks an awful lot like effort ๐Ÿ˜›

Worrell: Your job here? indeed. :

Mcnealey: Just set up a raspberry pi as webradio and print server โ€ฆย still in that sudo mood. ๐Ÿ˜›

Shalam: Hi, for some reason when i try to access i get redirected to install.php, which is weird because i’ve set up everything in the wp-config file

Quinlivan: Check your database settings, especially the table prefix

Kostecki: Pixolin: yea its mysql issue now :

Criado: Some web hosts also require another database server than localhost

Gallante: I copied the mysql database folder from another hard drive and its recognizing the database and show tables; shows the tables but it’s not working when select * from database.tablename;

Nieland: Pixolin: nono its all in my place xD

Conners: Says the table doesn’t exist

Funn: Hi, I’m tasked to “fix” a wordpress site – all the images on posts are 404, and checking the link it looks like the permalink is incorrect, ie http://host.tld/%postname%/wp-content/ instead of http://host.tld/wp-content/ – where would I go to look for that type of setting? The Permalink Setting is “Post name”

Menjares: Did someone do a migration?

Colaluca: Brandis: yeah it’s a migration

Gandee: We have a custom theme as well

Balton: At minimum you’ll have to fix the links

Usery: Swordfischer: If you rename the WordPress directory on your server, switch ports or change the hostname applies

Villegas: Go to the portion about the Search & Replace script

Chipp: Opsec logged in with my name and played games with you all.

Odowd: Use it to fix the links directly