Masella: obj.on’click’.

Hallinger: If its good enough for netflix, its good enough for you ;-

Hallinger: And for goodness sakes, SHIP

Masella: Is your business partner also programming?

Beyers: He’s been starting to

Dumez: At first it was just me

Buquet: Nah he does a lot more work than me believe it or not. I’m by no means a designer

Masella: No worries. happens to all of us

Ponter: But the hours he toil away at buiding these mockups and converting them to html/css is something I’m grateful for

Masella: 4 years and $50,000 of me went into making video games. 1 shipping product, in our first 2 months, that was halted and eventually pulled because the CEO idea guy couldn’t get along with the sound guy

Hallinger: I too have learned this lesson

Masella: Okay, so he’s producing something at least. maintaining the servers then too?

Hallinger: I still work with idea guys, and business guys, but my *** gets PAID first.

Masella: It wasn’t until “we” decided to halt 4 years of dev to start something new where i figured out i was being ****ed

Sayco: I’ll eventually learn the whole server management part but he has more experience than me at that atm

Masella: Ship something. it’s going to ****. make it not ****.

Hallinger: Can’t pay my rent with 50% of nada

Hallinger: Https://–KMYaeeaS–/c_fill,fl_progressive,g_north,h_358,q_80,w_636/17vyt0zgrb5o8jpg.jpg

Masella: You know the flikr people? the slack people? be like them

Wauneka: It’s cool, we’ll ship eventually. We’re at a place where we’re happy with all the resources we gathered and the way our application is right now

Madia: And I’m happy with our codebase, never been happier

Masella: Happy sounds like you’re not pushing hard enough. panic sounds better

Masella: All the code i wrote for the game was absolutely ****. but it worked

Hallinger: Code isn’t the product either. always remember that.

Yeasted: I’ll keep that in mind

Cabezas: Man i hear people talking about promises like it’s the best thing ever. is it worth making it a habit?

Masella: If you do lots of async request/reply, yes

Marovic: Hmm, alright i got to look up some Schaff cases where it could be helpful

Masella: Encapsulating an ajax request, for example. you can then write a mock that has the same api

Godwin: Is that the only benefit? or just the biggest benefit?

Masella: It linearizes callback chains. it allows for bundling a set of async requests, and/or serializing them

Stensland: Afroradiohead: it’s sugar

Masella: It is a technique for managing asynchronous request handling

Tyska: Sugar that enough people think is 100x more readable

Such: So it will phase out callbacks over time

Masella: Except no it won’t, because promises have a narrower use-case

Masella: Obj.on ‘click’, function { . } ; – callback

Biggins: Callbacks are those anon functions right?

Chimilio: Why not just name those functions

Masella: No. anon function is anon function. callback is what the function is being used for

Masella: Callbacks can have names

Masella: Window.whatever = function { . }; obj.on ‘click’, window.whatever ; – voila ici

Masella: Though technically that function doesn’t have a name

Lutfy: Masella: obj.on’click’.thenfunction{}; it’s kinda the same thing

Glaude: Yeah it feels like the same exact thing

Hessling: Oooh except it’s chainable in promises right?

Masella: Games: not if you want to detect every click

Rincan: Masella: obj.on’click’.thenfunctionevent{;}; why wouldn’t that execute all the time?