Anyone knows what happens.


Mccrackin: Ahhh. hmm. i wonder where i read SERIAL alias for BIGINT– i must have not kept reading ;

Amelung: Guys, why I get this error ?

Dandoy: Arunpyasi: ibdata1 is corrupt.

Varieur: If your ibdata1 is corrupt, restore from a good backup.

Jobe: Backups? Oh. well. about that.

Tobia: Iese: Resume Changing Event. Often when the need to revert to backups arrises and either none are available or existing ones are borked.

Jobe: Varieur: Hey, having someone to blame lets you keep your job!

Varieur: Ss23: yes, I got promoted because of you!

Jobe: I kind of started doing proper backups the other day, but I got bored and so really it’s just binlogs that last 10 days

Shinnick: How practical is replicating only certain tables from a dabatase to another?

Scheuer: Im looking to store high resolution data on a local server, and then replicate only the aggregate tables to a remote server

Kamalii: I did some reading that to do this, a local slave server using the blackhole storage engine needs to be used to create a binlog of only the tables needed, and then replicate to the remote location using the local slave

Quear: Is there a better way?

Tonnar: When use MySQL fabric and wildfly at the same time,how make the connection of the connection pool is readonly?anyone know it ?

Cinadr: Hey all, can someone please let me know why on occasion, this function returns a NULL value? – Thanks. –

Varieur: YouShaQi: if you have a question, ask it here.

Munroe: Ok,I am using MySQL Fabric,but I cann’t set the connection to be readonly when I use wildfly at the sametime,Can anyone know it?

Sprow: Hi All, Could anyone help me with my questions with the MySQL Fabric ?

Frischkorn: Guys, why I get this error ?

Schaffert: Arunpyasi: did you go to the page indicated and read it?

Rennix: Lost_soul, yeah but I couldn’t get what to do.

Coll: Well it gives a pretty good explanation, first you should check the error log

Blicker: After that it says On some systems, you can find in the error log a stack trace of where mysqld died that you can resolve with the resolve_stack_dump program

Keeling: And so on and so on down the page

Eichner: You’ll need more specifics if you expect someone to be able to help you resolve the issue

Abdon: Hello, i switched hard drives and forgot to backup one of the mysql databases i had, now i plugged it as slave and i’m wondering how to export the database to import it in the new drive?

Swider: I have install 2.4.16 mysql through ppa. Now if i want to install apache2-mpm-prefork it gives error like this . so i tried to enable the mod. gives me error as mod_event is enabled. should I disable that ?

Peasant: Hello, I have a question regarding plain database files. Is it possible and safe to transfer database files from one pc running mysql on linux to one pc running mysql on windows?

Carbal: Is anyone here able to help with stored procedures?

Frescas: Hello, show tables; shows all the tables in the database, but when i select * from database.tablename; it says table doesn’t exist, i copied the database form another mysql installation, am i missing something to make this work?

Apa: Spaceman75: You don’t have to ask to ask, or state: “I have a question”, Don’t ask: “Is anyone around?” or “Can anyone help?”. Just Ask The Question. Also, please read:

Vix: Ok thanks, I’m new here so not sure on the rules

Lysak: I have a problerm with some stored procedures which I need to fix

Szerszen: Anyone knows what happens if i replace the ib* files in the mysql folder with different ones from another server?