The problem is for some.

Palmerin: You know how you can pull 4 most recent events onto the homepage with WP Query. Does anyone know if Modern Tribes “The events calendar” allows for something similar?

Raymos: Sorry 4 most recent posts* I meant to say

Jeng: Dopie: do you know how to use Google?

Jeng: Momo_ What is it you want to do?

Fraint: Jeng I’ve got the events calendar plugin, and I was wondering if I could pull events from the calendar, onto my homepage

Jeng: Of course. Did you look at their do***entation?

Jeng: Https://

Guzek: Jeng I must’ve missed the article, will look again

Jeng: Another 3 secnds of googling:

Rials: Jeng fml, What did you type

Kot: I am embarr***ed. Can this be our secret?

Jeng: I have erased this from the entire internet. Press ENTER to continue.

Spevacek: Any idea’s on my question?

Derider: Ie. how to query taxonomy terms based on meta value

Jeng: Jstransky: have you tried adding a meta query as an argument to get_terms ***uming you’re looking a the meta value for a custom taxonomy field

Ceronsky: Jeng: I’m really kind of a blank slate atm. This is just new enough of a problem for me that I’m stuck as to where to start.

Jeng: So I don’t have to read a lot upscroll, what is it you want to do?

Quast: Jstransky: custom meta on a taxonomy sounds like a bad idea

Cappiello: Its a search page with a filtering menu, but a selection in one area will change the options in another

Hatt: Jstransky: meta fields dont work the same with taxonomies as it does posts

Shanholtzer: Scavotto: I agree, this could probably have been arranged better. I didn’t start the project but now I have to deal with it.

Phorng: This edge case clearly wasn’t thought out when it was constructed.

Jeng: Explain what it is you want to do, the data architecture, etc.

Thidphy: It’s an education site, so there’s grades K – 12 and standards like Math, Eng, etc.

Towley: So if First Grade and Math are selected, the ‘Domain’ area is updated

Dykhouse: Domains being types of math in my example

Jimison: So there’s a First Grade Math taxonomy

Jeng: Sounds like these should be hierarchical and not separate taxonomies.

Dagnon: And an instance of that Taxonomy term? is like Math-101

Kollar: It is heirarchical in that Math-101, Math-102 etc. have First Grade Math as their parent

Kolic: Sounds like the data architecture on this site is fugged

Glembocki: Lol, yes it took a bit to wrap my head around wtf they are trying to do

Jeng: Agreeing with Scavotto — fugged++

Wrede: I wish WP had routing with regex.

Rewerts: Jstransky,

Lenhard: Hmm, talking it out kind of revealed something. I’ll be back :

Cossett: DLSteve: I didn’t ask how to create custom taxonomies

Niedermeier: Jstransky, Ah nm, then. Trying to work out the structure then.

Dardashti: A Term is just an instance of a Taxonomy right?

Vogeler: Jstransky yes think of it category sense which is a built in taxonomy, so a category sports would be the term for the category tax

Shierling: So lets say my custom tax is called “Math 1”, how do I get all of its instances?

Jahosky: Nice, will check it out

Adamski: Guys I need a little help. I am using a plugin called Ninja Kick Form Composer, essentially it places a icon somewhere in a page and when you click the icon the email form will slide in

Marx: The problem is for some strange reason the div layout of the email form is cutted, and I need to add 80 px more to adjust it