My guess is the.

Veneman: Wowk: now, technically it means there’s 12.5px of space between each element. you could adjust the width even further to make it exactly 10px, but meh

Wahlman: A long but narrow HTML table. But instead of just scrolling down the page, it gets to a certain height the height of a container DIV and flows into another column alongside it. And so on. Like a newspaper I guess. Will try and draw and scan

Fussell: Eddins: Yes understood on the semantics of the table

Groomes: Is it possible to put about 20px of space between two columns in bootstrap, no less no more?

Veneman: Wowk: no. wait. i’m wrong. my math ****s too. there’s 10px of space.

Gervasio: Veneman: No they are exacly 10px

Leesman: Your math is not super either

Bordeleau: As it goes it’s not actually a table of data as such. It’s a list of files: name, size, path and a delete checkbox. And the fact I’ve even used the word list there tells me doing them as LIs might be ok

Harnes: Why should even they bigger than the 10px we counted everyt single space in there

Veneman: VoidDotCl***: you can adjust the pixel sizes of the grid if that’s what you want. you just have to download the s*** source files to do it

Schwertfager: Now I have a new mission to put vertical lines between them

Veneman: Wowk: border-right, and :last-child { border-right: none }. also, as mentioned earlier, border adds to the full width of an element, so you’ll have to adjust your calculation again

Eddins: VoidDotCl***: no doubt the helpful folk in ##bootstrap could tell you how

Koulabout: What comes before :last-child ?

Veneman: The second-to-last child. why?

Egans: Detailfrst:last-child { border-right: none }

Veneman: You could also give it a cl***

Eilders: When I do .detailfrst:last-child { border-right: none } it fails with that .

Cassisse: Border-right: 1px; border-right-color: red; detailfrst:last-child { border-right: none }

Veneman: Is it the last child in its parent?

Veneman: Wowk: also, nested rules isn’t a thing

Fillman: No its not in its parent hang on

Timme: But which one will be the parent here than

Veneman: No. the parent div. the parent element. the element that contains it

Veneman: It is. it is the last child of its parent

Veneman: Yes. that’s the parent

Veneman: Yes. that is the parent of all of them

Magliano: Than what do you mean

Veneman: By last child? i mean is it the last child? is there any other child element after that element?

Veneman: Then it’s the last child. also, nested rules isn’t a thing, and detailfrst isn’t an element, it’s a cl***

Macdonell: Http://

Popovich: Do you want me to create an #id

Veneman: Detailfrst:last-child { – that is selecting an element detailfrst

Veneman: And it’s a lot easier to use the shorthand property: border-right: 1px red solid;

Prokup: Width: calc25% – 13.5px;

Stilner: Border-right: 1px limegreen solid; } detailfrst:last-child { border-right: none }

Kendi: Http://

Speak: You thinks its done well?

Veneman: The last one still has a border

Skillen: Because the html side

Wolsted: Still not in its parent

Zeiders: And I didnt understand how to do

Veneman: Detailfrst:last-child { border-right: none } – there’s a bug here!

Cholico: Also width changed to width: calc25% – 13.25px;

Veneman: My guess is the most-accurate width is 13.333333333333333333_, since you added 3px of total width, but at that point it likely doesn’t matter